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Vast Kaviya

Mike Myler
Blood, grit, and survival are at the fore in these primordial lands.
If you like Conan the Barbarian, Xena the Warrior Princess, Tarzan, Fafrhd, Khal Drogo, Thundarr, Red Sonja, Grognar, the Scorpion King, Beowulf, Kull the Conqueror, Fire and Ice, or are just a fan of savage adventures on a primal and untamed world—Vast Kaviya is for you!

This super massive world of primal struggle is a decentralized campaign setting and bestiary (21 areas with 100+ statblocks) for D&D 5th Edition. Within are 20 different warlords all with their own lairs, minions, and guidelines for how they interact with one another, giving GMs a new toolbox of NPCs and unique areas to either include in their homebrew fantasy setting for some old school sword and sorcery, or to gradually discover using the book's Exploration Rules! There are 13 major tenets about the world that are true no matter where one travels however—for more details on those check out VastKaviya.com or the free PDF below.
Find out more and get a better sense of the world with
this 40 page preview PDF!
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In addition to what's in the core 5th Edition rules Vast Kaviya has a variety of new character options for the brave souls that strike out across its countless lands.
  • New Races! Joining classics like boggards, gnolls, and mongrelfolk are the plant-like alai, insectile kanca, parasitic ottunni, and saurian taino-kar. There's also new subraces for aasimar (elated, soul, and vindico) as well as genasi (acid, ash, mist, and mud), dwarves (mistdweorg), and halflings (mistling).
  • New Class Archetypes! Path of the Psion-Primal barbarians, Lunar clerics, Burning druids, Primal Leader fighters, Pyrokine monks, Oath of Web paladins, Primal Hunter rangers, Savage Poisoner rogues, Animator sorcerers, Dreamer sorcerers, and two new warlock patrons (the Grandmother and Hivemind).
  • New Classes! The dual-natured agile warrior gemini class appears here with the atavist, equalist, and reluctant hero balances, and it's got a new archetype that revolves around day and night—the nychthemeron. If you've always wanted to tame a simple-minded creature to go on adventures with (be that an aberration, beast, dragon, monstrosity, or ooze of Intelligence 5 or less), look no further than the monster tamer class! There are also four unique 8 level prestige classes: elementalists that ultimately transform into their chosen element, fractured soul shapeshifters with nuanced control over their bodies, magic-eaters that become tougher and more lethal by rejecting all things supernatural, and primal shamans that unlock primitive psionic powers.
  • New Options! Discover who your Amnesiac background adventurer truly is, gain control over slivers of magic using naturally occurring raw mana, or take a feat to embrace your mistdweorg ancestors or the illumination granted by the underground City of Lost's potent Sun Stone—or set your sights on stealing the legendary gemstone!

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There's a bestiary chapter with more than two dozen different monsters—ranging from the little forvirskrípi to the enormous megawolf—and a host of devastating versions of creatures players will think they already know how to handle, but the real focus of Vast Kaviya is the warlords fighting to carve out more of the world for themselves.
  • Kion Gozi (CR 2) the ‘Peacemaker’ has unified the tribes of the Endless Plains of the N’Elu. Her diplomatic skills are as strong as her arm and she leads her people to triumph against some of Vast Kaviya’s deadliest natural creatures.
  • Puteri, Mother of Kanca (CR 4) is the bloated insectile queen of the kanca that infest the titanic Kanca Colossus corpse, her once small hive now grown into a small empire. She hides behind illusory magic and appears to all but her closest confidants as a beautiful butterfly-winged fairy queen.
  • Akal, Avatar of the Devouring Moon (CR 5) controls a cannibalistic cult in the Urimak Valley with her cunning, ferocity, and weretiger forms. She believes herself to be a true incarnation of Kalune, performing ritual sacrifices on kidnapped villagers and devouring sentients' flesh to strengthen their intertwined spirit.
  • Jayallie (CR 5) is a seer sorceress of wild halflings (mistlings) in Tay Ninaivakam Rainforest under the protection of ‘Mother Remembrance’. Whispering mists shroud the region, sapping the intellect and changing those within feral. Immune to its effects, they raid nearby settlements and lure the unwary into the mind-sapping haze.
  • Ligéi Xóon (CR 5) and the Maiden Eagles dwell in the Shaa Litká Mountains, fiercely defending their territory and paying worship to the dangerous harpies of the deep crags, devoting themselves oen and all to the Grandmother spirit that protects the labyrinthine passages they call home.
  • Trevolee (CR 5) is the oldest of the Gone, people of many races unified by their amnesia. These enigmas live beneath the magical Sun Stone, a bubble of light allowing the subterranean City of Lost to survive. Trevolee channels its radiant power for protection for on all sides monsters are closing in to snuff out the light.
  • Nilaiyarra, the Transient (CR 7) is a force of nature that leads the Children of a Hundred Masks to do the bidding of Vast Kaviya as they see fit. They make their home in the Spiraling Woods, traveling throughout its countless trees to settle in different areas throughout the seasons.
  • Karm’ra the Beast of Three (CR 8) is an exceptional chimera and apex predator of the Xerica. She's dominated unchallenged for centuries and cares not for tribes, beasts, religion, or politics—like a force of nature, she simply is. Gnolls worship her and manticores envy her, but all of the arid grasslands fear and respect the Beast of Three.
  • Rowena the Mana Witch (CR 8) is an old crone that’s learned all the tricks needed to survive in the Kalavaiyaip Badlands, harnessing the raw mana hidden within and ruling over the intruders it transforms into mongrelfolk.
  • Tohgai the Awakened Reef (CR 8) is the central hivemind of the Thamash Archipelago. The psionic coral seeks to grow their power by melding more minds with theirs, and will stop at nothing to finally defeat the storms that destroy it every year with the changing of the seasons.
  • Zivrasa of the Truest Green (CR 11) zealously believes in the purity and superiority of nature over all things, hunting down dabblers of the arcane arts to capture and bring back to the Verdurous Grove so they can be sacrificed to Vast Kaviya.
  • Auntie Gonfler (CR 12) is a conniving boggard shaman who’s taken the reigns of a monstrous creature that her fellow toad folk in the Bellows worship as a god. She keeps the beast fed with regular sacrifices as she expands her influence over the other shamans and out into the world at large.
  • Gragth Bloodfire (CR 13) leads a vicious orc warband obsessed with the power of flames, accessing pyromancy by burning many of their own to death in tribal practices that use the lava pits of their primitive settlement in Bloodfire Gulch.
  • Psionicus (CR 14) is an ottunni of many years and impressive psionic potency, growing in primal power with every passing season and protected by vicious cannibals in the Maṉanōy Caverns, underlings that consume the flesh of other sentient creatures in an attempt to gain a fraction of their leader’s psychic mastery.
  • Sawfin, the Slithering Horror (CR 15) is the leader and adoptive mother of all creatures in the Wake of Maws. Already an apex predator in life, the gift of intelligence and the horror of undeath have turned the simple mosasaur into a walking nightmare—she scrabbles across the ground on decaying fins, stalking prey at high speed while calling out in a soft feminine voice.
  • Corryn, the Abandoned (CR 16) was discarded into the Kaṉavu-Valai by her noble parents, only to be saved by a community of similarly displaced driders in The Web. The supernatural waterways changed her and after their touch she returned to slaughter her callous parents along with any other tyrants who dare endanger the downtrodden.
  • Kalar the Lizard Lord (CR 16) was mutated by waters empowered with lunar energy from the many moons orbiting the planet and has created a society of intelligent reptiles like him, though none wield the mental powers at his disposal or dare challenge his control over Sickle Canyon.
  • Oscarvol the Timeless (CR 17) is a sorcerer of unparalleled power whose mastery of magic has extended his life, allowed him dominion over the hidden city of Undermist, and helped keep a dark secret. Within the deep caverns he holds court over the mistdweorg; artists, philosophers, gladiators, and sorcerers removed from the chaos of the world above.
  • Grandfather Triskal (CR 18) claims to be the first vampire, barbaric and savage, more beast than man. He is the patriarch of a nearly feral clan of vampiric savages and he works to expand his territory to beyond the Blind Grove to better feed his ever-growing bloodthirsty brood.
  • Varasuul the Necrolord (CR 21) thought to be the oldest creature in all of Vast Kaviya, this master of undeath is surrounded at all times by a field of corpses and skeletons—which it animates to lift the stone fortifications of Death Castle in an inexorable march forward to wipe out all that which still lives.

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  • Vast Kaviya Adventurer's Handbook PDF For $ 8

    This tome contains all of the information from the campaign setting book that an adventurer in Vast Kaviya needs to know about the world to get the most out of their epic journeys!

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    This tome contains all of the information from the campaign setting book that an adventurer in Vast Kaviya needs to know about the world to get the most out of their epic journeys!

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  • Mike Myler (CR 2) is the lead designer, graphic artist, layout artist, and cartographer of Vast Kaviya. He's a full-time freelancer in the RPG industry, editor of the EN5ider Patreon, and maker of unique gaming worlds—this is his 9th crowdfunded campaign (first on GameOnTabletop!) and 6th campaign setting, and he's extremely proud of the team that's come together to make it a thrilling reality!
  • Andrew Engelbrite (CR 1/2) is a disabled Texan dork that’s been a DM for about a decade and has been professionally painting miniatures for just as long. Over the past 3 years he’s made his way through the TTRPG writing world and is currently the lead writer for team LootTheBoss.
  • Will Gawned (CR 0) is a human writer, performer and improv instructor, who delights in playing pretend with friends. He GMs (and plays in) too many RPGs and is always looking for more. You can find his writing on the EN5ider Patreon, as well as within this very tome you hold in your hands. You can follow his occasional thoughts on Twitter @w_gawned.
  • Alec Kaknes (CR 1/2) AKA Azra Hawthorne is a novice writer who decided—after playing tabletop RPGs for the past 13 years or so—to try her hand at writing for them. Vast Kaviya is her first of hopefully many more contributions to writing for the games she so dearly loves.
  • Anthony Alipio (CR 1/4) (aka @dm_fromscratch) moonlights as a freelance writer, designer, artist, and delve master for tabletop roleplaying games. In the past year he’s had the incredible fortune and opportunity to work with some of the industry’s finest, including Ashley Warren, Travis Legge, and Mike Myler. You can find and support Anthony’s work at https://linktr.ee/dm_fromscratch.
  • Sharene Gilchrist (CR 1) AKA the Madfishmonger has been writing and gaming her whole life and she's finally channelling her overactive imagination into writing for games. She's written for Nerdburger, New Agenda, and herself, and hopes to do a lot more.
  • Matteo Piovanelli (CR 1/8) has no real clue about what makes sense to put in a short bio. Most of his contributions to the roleplaying game hobby are spread among several notebooks in his studio, which he accumulated over several years GMing and storytelling.
  • Jesse Jordan (CR 1/2) is an author and game designer with a big imagination and a serious addiction to trying to do too many things at once. Jesse can be found alternating between working on something cool, looking for something cool to work on, and agonizing about life on Twitter @JesseNeon.
  • GM Lent (CR 1/8) is an author, game designer, and the founder of Miniature Giant Space Hamster Press. Lent's credits include the bestselling Midnight in the City of Brass, regular articles for Kobold Press, and writing credits in a host of other publications. You can visit Miniature Giant Space Hamster Press online at mgshp.com and follow him on Twitter @GMLent.
  • Brian Istenes (CR 0) AKA Clan Crafter Hralding is a longtime Gamemaster turned writer and designer. He has published several best-selling supplements on DMs Guild and contributed to many tabletop RPG projects. His work and life are continually inspired by the magic of games, nature, history, and mythology.
  • ARTIST: Indi Martin (CR 4) is a full-time freelance illustrator that has worked with Mike Myler on nearly all of his campaign settings, most recently bringing to life the Book of Exalted Darkness and elements of Mists of Akuma: Imperial Matchmaker. You can find her work all over however, and if you're lucky maybe even spot her enjoying the weather in Portland.

One of the reasons for this campaign is to hire artists for custom illustrations, and because we don't have this artwork yet the book has not been completely layed out--we're estimating it will be 200 pages, but it may be longer than that. Depending on what Level Ups we unlock, the page count will rise.

Absolutely! Throughout the design process that was one of the aspects about the book everyone remained mindful of--we know many GMs have worlds they've been fleshing out with their group (or groups!) for years. While Vast Kaviya can certainly stand on its own as a campaign setting, it was our goal to make something that many gamers could easily use with their homebrew settings.

Mike Myler has been a game designer full-time for half a decade, this is his 6th campaign setting, and every creature in the book has been playtested, developed, and numerically evaluated not only by the rubric in the Dungeon Master's Guide, but also the rubric formulated from the actual numbers for monsters in the Monster Manual (from Blog of Holding: http://blogofholding.com/?p=7338).

"Impact Intermezzo" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com; licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

We fully expect to deliver books to you much sooner than that, but depending on what Level Ups are unlocked there may be additional content and illustrations. Even so our internal deadline is early Spring 2020, and the additional time is insurance to account for unanticipated work delays.

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