Discover the winners of GET YOUR GAME ON! Mini-Game Challenge at Uk Games Expo 2017!

As the Game On team settles in after our first UK Games Expo, we wanted to say thank you for making it such a blast ! We saw so many fun games, met so many cool people, and your creativity was truly inspiring.

At our booth we had a whole batch of components that you could choose from to create a game from scratch in two days or less!

You have 20 points and a few hours… What kind of game will YOU create?

Chloe, the coolest unicorn of the convention created Micro Traders with her dad Richard in about ten minutes :o
Playing The Birmingham Experiment with the guys from Starburst Magazine -
"We just created it during breakfast"

Our booth was really tiny, but that didn’t stop anybody from getting in on the fun!

While two games are being demoed at the same time, more people are queuing up to get their components!

And now comes the hard part for us – choosing just one game to win our prize because all of them were great and all of them were fun! So, guess what ? We’ve decided to pick not just one but four winners!

First, the big winner of the 50€ voucher is:


In this cool little game, Daisy has skipped school to go pick some flowers, but the truancy officer is after her ! Floating Flowers is a clever little game of tile placement, resource gathering and annoying your opponent.

Stefan, we will contact you shortly with more details on your prize.


Next, we’ve picked THREE runners-up, who will each receive a 10€ voucher:

* * * * *

Sophie & her friends designed SHIP WARS, a fantastic mix of RPG elements, tactical combat placement and card management, with a fun theme and brilliant artwork.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Lee showed us POSTIES PROBLEMS – Out run the neighborhood dogs and get the mail delivered to solve the posties’ problems !

* * * * *

* * * * *

Olive with TENURE – Hire PHD students, acquire lab equipment and get your science papers published to become a renown science professor.

* * * *

Thank you ALL for making this such a great event! Some of you had never created a game before - thank you for having the courage to come up with something in such a short time and sharing it with us and the gaming community! We hope we’ve inspired you to continue making great games and that we see you again soon.

In the meantime, get
YOUR Game On!

« I don’t like games and I don’t like math, but I just came up with this math-based meeple & dice race game »
Lana, 9 years old

Disclaimer : this game creation challenge is for entertainment only. Game On Tabletop does not in any way acquire any rights on the games shown to them but retains the right to share pictures on social media. This event is non-profit. Any ressemblance with any existing games out there is coincidental and Game On Tabletop may not be held responsible in any way.