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Frequently Asked Questions


If you came here to fill out your backer information for a Pledge Management project and did not get the invitation e-mail, you can reset the password for your account. Head to the "Login"-section and request a new password. Make sure you use the same E-Mail address as for your initial pledge.

If you happen to have two accounts on Game On under different e-mail addresses, you can request an account merge by contacting Game On customer services: alerte@gameontabletop.com

The transfer of your order may be authorized on certain projects, but only in acceptance of the project manager.
To trigger the transfer of a participation, first contact the project manager to confirm with them that this is possible on their project. Then send an email to Game On's customer service by copying the project manager and second party your transfer in the e-mail : alerte@gameontabletop.com

Game On or the project manager cannot be held responsible for the transaction between the parties wishing to transfer the order.

It is always a pity to see someone go, but of course we will delete your user account on request. Just send us an e-mail: alerte@gameontabletop.com
NOTE: In accordance with GDPR regulations, we must retain ordering information necessary for the delivery of the products. Please consult our Terms & Conditions for more information.


Reward levels and add-ons can be changed at any time during the campaign duration.
If you would like to upgrade your reward level during the campaign, please reopen your order and select the new reward level of your choice. During the payment process, you will only pay the difference.
If you want to choose a reward level that costs less than your initial participation, you can proceed in the same way. You can then either spend the overpaid amount on add-ons or request a refund from the project owner.

If you wish to cancel your order entirely, please contact the project manager.


The Project Manager can request different payment methods, but most projects on Game On charge payments instantly at the time of the order. You can make several payments of different amounts during the project duration, thus allowing you to check out smaller amounts over a longer timespan.

Game On allows the Project Manager to pick and choose the payment methods of their choice.
Project Managers can select any of the following payment methods:
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Credit card payments via bank checkout (France only)
  • Refunds are issued directly by project managers. Funds never pass through Game On.

    Get in touch with your project manager to request a refund.


    Project managers are responsible for fulfilling all aspects of their projects. Game On cannot be held responsible for any part of the delivery promise made by the project manager nor can they act as a mediator in any dispute. Read more: ToS

    If you have not yet received your reward, double check your account is all set up and there are no outstanding payments or errors in your shipping address. Make sure you read all updates a project manager might be posting about the state of his project in case there are any delays. You can also contact the Project Manager directly if you wish to inquire about the project and planned delivery schedule.


    Badges are small achievement awards that every user can receive, depending on how active they are on Game On. Badges can be awarded, for example, if many projects were supported or the user is very active in the community. These badges are then displayed in the comment areas of the projects!

    Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact Game On Customer Service