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Project list

  • Tecumah Gulch - Edition Far West by Studio Deadcrows

    Précommande participative de l'édition Far West de Tecumah Gulch

    The project will launch in 7 days
  • Torg Eternity: The Living Land by Ulisses North America

    Expand Torg Eternity with information, adventures, and new threats from a savage world of dinosaurs and danger.

    $227 819 collected
    $205 861 +GameOn: $21 958
    1139% of initial goal
    there are 12 days left to participate
  • Color Quest Alpha by FLUO Craft

    Color Quest is a new skirmish game including miniatures for two players and taking place in the Color Warz universe

    2 464€ collected
    61% of initial goal
    there are 17 days left to participate
  • Monstrueusement Mignons by Black Book Éditions

    Aidez-nous à financer ce magnifique bestiaire de bébés monstres !

    23 040€ collected
    230% of initial goal
    there are 7 days left to participate
  • Time of Legends: Joan of Arc by Mythic Games

    Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.

    $4 286 785 collected
    $2 127 786 +GameOn: $2 158 999
    4286% of initial goal
    there are 14 days left to participate
  • Les Chants de Loss by Matagot

    Vous n’êtes plus sur Terre, bienvenue sur Loss !

    31 194€ collected
    445% of initial goal
    there are 17 days left to participate
  • Vampire: Die Jubiläumsausgaben by Ulisses Spiele

    Eine Übersetzung von Vampire aus der Alten Welt und Zusatzbüchern für Vampire die Maskerade in der Jubiläumsausgabe.

    114 011€ collected
    570% of initial goal
    Project finished