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Thank you for joining Our GladiGala's Late Pledge page, following a successful Kickstarter campaign. We invite you to take part in this party of champions, and hope to see you among our backers!

Welcome to the world of GladiGala - a unique skirmish style family game of fast paced tactics and simultaneous play, a tactical rush for fame and fortune!

As a gladiators' School Leader (lanista) it is up to you to gain coins and fill your Treasury for orchestrating marvelous tactical performances and for making accurate strategic choices in the arena. Outwit your opponents, make the most of your gladiators' formation, manage your Treasury wisely, and get the crowds on your side chanting GladiGala's mantra: "Always aim for an eagle – always stand guard!

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Rome, 101 A.D. The city's center stage is set up and ready for GladiGala, the year's greatest show of skill in the arena. Rome's 4 finest Gladiator Schools; ACADEMIA – LEO – SOLIS & SPIRITUS – appear in the arena for a glorious day of tactical contest in the pursuit of Title and Medal of Champion!

Morning rises as the crowds make their way to the arena. The teams all gear up, final preparations are made, last instructions are given. Your gladiator formation for the morning match is set and ready to head out the gate. Your gladiators are holding to their Eagle, your house symbol of honor and respect. You hope they will be holding it to the end…

Trumpets are blown, the crowds are ecstatic: "open the gates!" you hear them shouting, frantic. GladiGala begins. Shlak Shlak Shlak – all gates are raised, announcing: it's time to storm the most celebrated stage of Rome!

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GladiGala's 4 gladiator types: Spear, Club, Dagger and Sword. Each match players draw a different gladiator formation with which they enter the arena with.

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Tyto Games is a small board game design studio and publisher. We publish our own designs, and would not be able to bring our games to life without the help and support of all you great backers:) Bringing GladiGala to reality will only be possible with your help.

Due to the nature of the game, we've decided to integrate miniatures to the core game to allow a better visualization of the arena, making GladiGala a flowing, intensive game.

GladiGala is our fifth kickstarter project following ELEMENTOS, FINAL ACT, STONE DAZE, and AZIMUTH, so we've learned a thing or two along the way.

We minimized the risks by getting 95% of the art and graphic work done. We came to terms with a quality manufacturer and the production line is set to go. We will do our best to make sure this project is completed successfully and on time, as we always did before. Having said that, we are aware that setbacks and mishaps might happen. We'll keep an open connection with our backers and keep you posted on how things progress.


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        GladiGala Tyto Games

        Enter the arena for a game of marvelous, simultaneous, fast paced fun-tactical performances. An adrenaline rush for medal of CHAMPION!


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          $ 258

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        Project finished
        from 06/05/2019 20:00 till 10/01/2019 23:59

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