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Jurassic World ™ Miniature Game

Cimmeria Project / Exod Games

Cimmeria Projects, Exod Games, Universal and Amblin studios are proud to present the late pledge campaign of Jurassic World the Miniature Game hosted on Game On Tabletop.

After the Kickstarter campaign funded in only 4 hours, you have now the opportunity to join the community of our backers and get access to the 40 Stretch goals already unlocked. By doing so you will help unlock even more for the benefit of all.

Jurassic World: Miniature Game has the ambition to immerse players in the universe of the Jurassic World and Jurassic Park franchises. Play as dinosaurs or heroes, all with their own abilities. The game aims at giving a cinematographic feeling. Hero cards will turn the tide of the game! The choice is yours: reenact the movies through epic scenarios or create your own story, with the characters of your choosing.

Jurassic World the Miniature Game features a unique and fast-paced card-driven playstyle with innovative initiative and combo mechanics, for 1 to X players.

Stage the miniatures of the most famous dinosaurs and human heroes in all the franchise Jurassic World and Park. Pick a scenario and for 30 minutes to 1 hour relive with your friends the key moments of your favorite movies. If you prefer, build your own army of dinosaurs and human heroes to clash in custom scenarios.

Those interested in adding tactical depth to their playstyle may dive in the deck builder features of the game. Give specific roles to your units or focus on synergies between them to bring down even the mightiest foes.

Experience the thrill of the hunt because dinosaurs are no more extinct on your tabletop!!

If you want to know more about the gameplay, click here

*Solo play requires Domination expansion

To learn how to pledge/manage your pledge, please click here.


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  • ROBERT MULDOON unlocked
  • SPINOSAURUS unlocked
  • ALLOSAURUS unlocked
  • PLESIOSAURUS unlocked
  • SINOCERATOPS unlocked
  • Lex & Tim Miniatures unlocked
  • Submarine Miniature unlocked
  • Monorail Decor unlocked
  • Boosters Coop Mode unlocked
  • Dr Wu unlocked

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The European Union, USA, Canada, Asia, and Australia will be “Shipping Friendly”. Backers from these countries will not pay import taxes.

Both Kickstarter backers and late pledgers will pay for shipping here in this pledge manager. The shipping costs are calculated based upon the total weight of all items in the pledge and is charged at cost. If additional items are later added to a pledge for which shipping has already been paid for, then this may increase the shipping costs, and the difference will be paid when paying for the additional items.

The shipping will be set in two waves:

  • Wave one: June 2020 for the Core Box and the Expansion

  • Wave two: Septemeber 2020 for Stretch Goals, Add ons and retailer pledge.

We work with different fulfillment center depending on your location in the way to reduce your shipping.

Europe: Black book Edition (Game On Tabletop partner)

America: Quartermaster

Australia: Aetherworks

Asia: VFI

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If you want to become a partner or get more information about it, please contact partenairexod@exod-games.com

To add a store manager and avoid shipping, please select add the store manager option in the add-on section of your basket.

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Jurassic World Miniature Game is a board game of Cimmeria Projects.

This board game was developed by Exod Games.


You have the game in FR,ENG,SPA,GER,CHI,ITA,POL
Some other languages could be added but it depends on The Universal validations

You can be exonerated of shipping by delivering your package to the nearest partner store of Exod Games.
Your favorite store can become an Exod Games partner store by sending n email to partenairexod@exod-games.com
Where we will explain all the conditions and benefits of becoming a partner store.

The price of the pledge is without shipping cost but the shipping cost will be added at the end when the payment is made during the pledge manager. If you have already pledged on Kickstarter, the shipping cost will be added to the amount of your pledge during the pledge manager

The miniature is respecting the size of the Universal - Jurassic Franchise dinosaurs.
Their scales are 1/50.

It is possible that Huge one such as the Brachiosaurus needs to be assembled (only two or three-part) to avoid a huge box. However, we are working to avoid the use of any glue. So, they will be press fit.
The small figurine such as humans, raptors, ... will not require to be assembled.

The game is easy to learn hard to master.
This meaning that you will be able to play after 15 minutes rule reading but to fully mastered the game you will be required to play a lot.

The game is printed in China with the manufacture Panda.
Panda is one of the best manufacturers out there. They already have printed a lot of famous games such as Scythe, Anachrony, ....

A Stretch Goal is a gift unlocked by a certain amount of money or backers.
It is added to your game for free as a huge « thank you for your support».

The first wave (Core box and expansions) will be delivered at the end of June 2020. The second wave (stretch goals and add ons) will be delivered at the end of September/early October

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Jurassic World™ Miniature Game is a Cimmeria Project board game developed by Exod Games SARL under Cimmeria Project directions. Cimmeria Project will publish it.

Jurassic world Miniature Games is licensed with Universal Studios & Amblin Entertainment under contract No. 201302495.

Products presented on this Late pledge / Pledge Manager page and during the campaign may be subject to change to meet the expectations of the ©UCS LLC & Amblin license agreement.

By pledging on Game on Tabletop, you acknowledge that the final look and contents of the pledges may change and differ from what is presented at the start of the campaign.

Jurassic World Miniature Game is © 2018 Exod Studio.


We have estimated the delivery for June 2020 (WAVE 1: CORE BOX & EXPANSION), but this estimated delivery date can be impacted by potential delays that may happen with production in China. The WAVE 2 will be shipped on September 2020.
By pledging on this pledge manager / late pledge, you agree that our responsibility to you is for shipping your order as entered into the pledge management system. You also accept that you are entirely liable for incorrect shipping details and will risk your pledge being unable to be delivered or lost in transit.


Refunds may be given within 15 days (with Stripe only: Credit/debit card) after the purchase, including fees. After that time, refunds may be given minus the platform fee of Game On Tabletop and payment processing fees, as we will not be able to claim those back after 30 days. All refund will be only processing by Stripe (credit/debit card). Moreover, the refund will be based on the Euro (€) exchange rate. For Kickstarter backer, the refund of their pledge will proceed minus the Kickstarter fee.
For Kickstarter Backers, no refund will be made after the beginning of march 2020, which is the launch of production.

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          Jurassic World ™ Miniature Game

          Jurassic World ™ Miniature Game Cimmeria Project / Exod Games

          Jurassic World Miniature Game is a game based on Jurassic World and Jurassic Park saga.


          489,991 € (980%)
          Amount raised
          This project has unlocked 13 Level Up's!
          • Initial funding goal :
            50,000 €
          •  Amount raised :
            307,000 €
          • + Late Pledge :
            182,991 €

          Time left

          Project finished
          from 10/10/2019 14:35 till 05/11/2020 18:00

          Project creator

          Cimmeria Project / Exod Games

          Cimmeria Project / Exod Games [Plaisir, France]


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          Project creator

          Cimmeria Project / Exod Games

          Cimmeria Project / Exod Games [Plaisir, France]


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