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Conan the Conqueror - Adventure mode expansion

Monolith Board Games

Conan is a miniature-based board game that pits 1 to 4 players representing Conan and his fellow rogues against another more nefarious player—the Overlord. Like any good villain, the Overlord controls hordes of savage tribesmen, beasts, and soldiers from an age undreamed of. The gameplay is asymmetrical. The Overlord commands a massive horde of monsters and villains, as he strives to meet his objectives. On the other side are the heroes, each controlled by a player in a more first-person fashion, giving the game an RPG feel. Each scenario can be played out in approximately one hour and takes place on one of several beautiful game boards. Regardless of which role you play, you must stake your wits, mettle and martial prowess against your opponent.

Not only is Adventure Mode, our original one vs many system returning with new content , but we’re also adding a revised and sharpened version of the solo/co-op rules featured in the Conan Monolith RPG Sourcebook! Regardless of which version of Conan you own, or plan to purchase, all of the new content will pair perfectly with what you have!

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Our Game on Tabletop Pledge Manager allows you to verify the rewards pledged during our last Kickstarter campaign, include any new add-on, pile on any original expansion you would like to add to your collection, and pay for shipping.

Did we say old expansions?

By Crom, yes! We're reprinting a lot of our 2015 Conan original Kickstarter add-ons for you, and for the few add-ons which are not reprinted, we're making our entire remaining stock available!!
These non-reprinted original add-ons will be limited to ONE PER BACKER FOR THE FIRST 72 HOURS, allowing as many backers access as possible to these limited items.
After that 72 hour window has expired, and if there is any remaining stock, then there will be no limits applied to those items.

Once you've selected everything you’d like added to your original pledge level, you'll have a balance to pay.
Please, verify items chosen, language selection (when requested), pay your shipping fees, and validate your pledge.

In contrast to Kickstarter, where you pay at the end of the campaign, in this pledge manager your payment is immediately deducted. But you can always return to your pledge and add to it.

Made the commitment and took a Conqueror, Hyborian, Barbarian or King Conqueror Pledge during the Kickstarter campaign?
YOU'VE MADE V.I.P for the duration of this pledge manager.
will Not only do you get your FREE Stretch Goal box, BUT if you add an additional Conan The Conqueror VIP Pledge or Hyborian Conqueror VIP pledge, you'll get another FREE copy of the Stretch Goal Box .

Late pledgers can include the Stretch Goal box in their pledge for 25€

As these Stretch goal minis come from our other previous games, prior backers might not wish to have duplicates of those minis or to pay for the additional weight for shipping costs.

Simply unselect the Conqueror Stretch Goals box and it will be removed from your pledge.

Note: this has changed since our live campaign. Upon learning we could provide an opt-out option, we decided this was a better, safer method for our backers to get the things they want.

Heads up : Once the Pledge Manager has closed, you wont be able to change your selections, so consider them carefully before making your choice.

You shouted and we heard, so we're offering two NEW Conan the Conqueror add-ons:

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campaign image 13

Added thickness, protection (and style) for your hero sheets, so those precious gems are contained within their zones and can’t wander during gameplay.

This add-on will contain enough copies to allow you to play all the game modes and scenarios and fits all our hero sheets.

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campaign image 15

The latest iteration of the Heroes and the Overlord rulebooks.

Some of our 2015 backers and players that picked up their game from the retail/secondhand market missed out on these replacements, so we are making them available again.

Or if you prefer, you can pick up the free PDF versions here :

campaign image 16campaign image 17

campaign image 18

campaign image 19

campaign image 20

Join this epic revival - Whether as a total newcomer, or you’ve picked up the game from retail, or are a 2015 returning backer or a seasoned veteran.We got you covered!

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Introducing the Conan: the Boardgame Portal pledge level for European and United Kingdom Backers.

Our entry level into the savage world of Conan – The core retail game: All you need to let battle begin.

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Located in Europe or the United Kingdom?

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includes the Conan core game, our latest Conan the Conqueror expansion and the Tome of Skelos -

Adventure mode, Solo/coop, 6 maps (on 3 boards), and 129 miniatures

All! Just 115€ + shipping.

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The remaining Kickstarter bundle as the Barbarian and King Conqueror bundles are SOLD OUT – so seize the opportunity to play Conan at an unbeatable price!

Note: The base game boxes in the Portal and Hyborian Conqueror pledge levels are French language versions; however, we are producing an English language localization pack that will be included with your pledge IF your delivery address is outside of France.

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For more information on the core game, contents, gameplay videos and overviews then please check out the original campaign:

campaign image 34

We offer our sharpest blade yet: The Conan the Conqueror expansion!

This mega-expansion boosts play options for every player, it includes 7 new Adventure mode scenarios (our one vs many mode), and 7 scenarios for our first official solo-coop campaign, in the 60+ page hardcover Tome of Skelos!

Only A CORE VERSION OF THE GAME IS REQUIRED TO PLAY ALL THE NEW SCENARIOS; however, King Pledge and Barbarian Pledge owners will find further game options included in some scenarios

campaign image 35

55 highly detailed NEW miniatures, from the fierce Zenobia to huge avatars of Yog and Mitra!

Not only will you gain more heroes and enemies, but you’ll also receive two beautiful mapboards, a freshly redesigned Lost Citadel and a gorgeously dangerous Temple. New equipment, spells, and boons—you’ll get it all!

campaign image 36

SOLO/COOP MODE: We’re very proud of this new mode which allows you to play alone or with your friends at your side!

The original version, written by Matt John for Modiphius’ Conan Monolith Sourcebook, has an 8.8 rating on Board Game Geek (and Fred Henry’s original 2015 Conan game still sits at a solid 7.8 with almost 4k ratings).

Our refined solo/co-op rules combined with the classic 2015 game represent a masterwork of game system and scenario design.

For these new scenarios, we’ve recruited the best mercenary company in the Hyborian kingdoms—The Nemedian Chroniclers! Ken Meyri, Kevin Deming, Dan Mauric and Matt John are famous in our community for bringing dozens of scenarios and multiple campaigns to our at-home war rooms.

We are honored to have them on the team, as they bring dynamic ideas and more epic battles to the game!

campaign image 37campaign image 38

If Solo/Coop isn’t for you, then the 7 Adventure Mode scenarios contained in the Tome of Skelos will take you deeper into the Mythos. Fresh gameplay abounds, as in the “Staggering Gods” scenario, where players control either the Manifestation of Mitra or the Manifestation of Yog, and clash in the courtyard of the Ruined Fortress. There’s also “Horror Above, Horror Below” where players battle never ending spawning beasts while searching for a map and fighting against time.

Tons of Adventure mode content is readily available in our reprinted items, old expansions, and in the brand new expansions Tales of the Red Brotherhood and in the mysterious Shadow Kingdom.

For more information on the core game, contents, gameplay videos and overviews then please check out the original campaign

Just want to boost your collection – with some add-ons?

We’ve added the Freebooter pledge level, which allows you to just pick what you want from the assortment of limited 2015-17 original add-ons or the Conan the Conqueror campaign add-ons, this ZERO € cost pledge level allows you select your add-on(s), pay for your shipping and continue on your adventures.

FAIR WARNING: Minimum Fixed shipping costs will prove expensive when only ordering one add-on, we’d encourage you IF you wish to use this pledge level, that you strongly consider finding others online with a similar interest who can spread that cost amongst a greater number of items. You can reach out our Conan Related Facebook pages or official forums -
French/English Official Community Forum : The Overlord
Conan Gaming Group
Les aventures de Conan
BoardGameGeek Conan Page

Remember that ALL the NEW Conan the Conqueror add-ons, Tales of the Red Brotherhood, Shadow Kingdom and Hidden Chambers are used in part with the Conqueror expansion. So the maximum gameplay experience requires the Conan the Conqueror mega-expansion.

campaign image 18

campaign image 40

Final touches, added depth, more fearsome adversaries or allies you can add to your base game or bundle—you’ll find them right here.

Playable within a vast library of scenarios, both official, in our own expansions and campaign books, or those on our community forum, The Overlord or by the Nemedian Chroniclers on Board Game Geek Conan forum.

Or weave them into your own scenarios using our online scenario editor.

campaign image 41 campaign image 42 campaign image 43

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A Hero steps from the mists of time to aid King Conan against an invisible threat.
But behind this man stalks a threat older than the earth itself.

This expansion contains:

  • 10 serpent men
  • 1 Kull Hero
  • 1 Brule Hero
  • 1 Thulsa Doom for the Overlord
  • 3 adventure mode scenarios
  • 1 solo/coop scenarios
  • Character sheets and (Overlord) tiles

campaign image 46

campaign image 47

The pirates of the Red Brotherhood have spread out from the Baracha Isles and haunt every shore of the Western Sea. It is said they have even raised sail on the inland waters of the Vilayet. This organization, composed mainly of Argosseans, maintains a notorious rivalry with the Zingaran Freebooters, and their bloody feuds have turned the tides a deeper shade of crimson. These are tales of high seas and high adventure. These are the tales of the Red Brotherhood.

This expansion contains

  • 2 double-sided half game boards
  • 4 Adventure Mode Scenarios designed by Fred Henry

campaign image 48
The Hidden chambers expansion offers 4 mini maps that represent secret rooms. Once you find the door and pick its lock, you may enter the gloomy depths to find treasures, special items, or—perhaps—death. These Chamber Boards are set alongside the main game board, denoting a separate floor or level rather than altering an existing room. It comes with 1 Adventure mode scenario and can be used with 2 solo/coop scenarios of the Tome of Skelos.

campaign image 49

These 5 Deluxe Dashboards add thickness, protection and style to your hero sheets, so your precious gems don't move out of their current zone. You’ll get enough copies to coveryour needs for all our game modes and scenarios, and they fit every heroes sheet.

campaign image 50

During the feasting of swords, it's not always convenient to pass the dice to your friend, or even worse--your enemy! Many have asked, so we're offering a spare dice pack as an add-on. Happy slaying!

campaign image 51

Free with the Conqueror expansion if you pledged during the Kickstarter campaign, but for new players or players who can’t resist these HUGE minis at such a great price, here you go!

campaign image 18

campaign image 53

We are reprinting 1000 copies of the following items, there are NO limitations on the number you can add to your pledge.

We commissioned our favorite artists to create their versions of Conan and his allies!

Each box contains two alternative heroes complete with their Character sheets and equipment cards (where applicable).

campaign image 54

Tall and unbowed, aged, yet wise, this King Conan remains a mighty warrior, leading his men from the front as he cleaves through his enemies! As the True Queen of the Black Coast, Bêlit has one of the highest skill totals in the game, can support her allies and retains much of the combat prowess of her other incarnations! Contains 2 highly detailed minis, 2 hero sheets, and 2 spell cards.

campaign image 55

Succumb to the charm of Paolo’stake on Valeria of Taramis Queen of Khauran, and add her villainous sister to the Overlords horde! Contains 2 highly detailed minis, 1hero sheet, one overlord tile and 2 spell cards.

campaign image 56

Bring the Legendary Broms’visions of Conan the Barbarian and Belit Queen of the Black Coast, to your tabletop! These heroes come with a unique set of skills and equipment that adds more customization and replayabilty to your game. Contains 2 highly detailed hero models, their character boards and 5 equipment cards.

campaign image 57

Add more dynamic elements to your games so you can have some truly epic (and catchphrase filled) fights! This pack contains 5 chest, 5 barrels, 1 sarcophagus, 2 piles of skulls, and 1 beast hide.

campaign image 58

A lot easier than fiddling about with the tokens in the core box. Spoiler : they also look a lot better.

campaign image 59

These nefarious, inhuman beings come to haunt Conan and his sword brethren. The Black Ones are tough, fast and inhumanly strong. On the board, they may not be the most talented fighters but they will HURT when they connect!

campaign image 60

The "Dragon" is the biggest model we've made for the game and presents a Herculean challenge for any and group of adventurers!

campaign image 61

These 10 giants wolves haunt the feral and secluded landscapes of this world. Individually they are fast and agile, with dagger like fangs but it is the pack that is the greatest threat, not the individual. In sufficient numbers they can drive even the most vicious prey, or hero, to the ground.

campaign image 62

Ageera is often accompanied by his two lieutenants Afari and Shubba. This pack will let you play this dangerous Warrior/mage duo as well as their personal bodyguards! Contains 4 highly detailed miniatures and their 4 Overlord tiles.

campaign image 63

This powerful hero from another planet represents a strong and unbowed yogah before his enslavement in “the Tower of the Elephant”.. He is as close to a “good” hero as you can get, a user of white magics and ultimately a powerful (and exotic) friend to have! Contains miniature and one Hero sheet.

campaign image 64

For those of you wanting to create their own scenarios with some truly impressive battles or having lost some, you can now order additional sets of colored bases!

campaign image 65

For those who missed out a few years ago, here’s the latest iteration of Heroes and Overlord rulebooks.

campaign image 18

campaign image 67

campaign image 68

This place is a mystery in Howard's works. It is known however that it’s home to great sorcerers whose spells are feared by those from the West. Take Conan and his companions East to this mysterious land as they are swept up in a sinister assassination plot!

This set contains:

  • 5 Tower Guard minions
  • 5 Javelin throwers minions
  • 5 Honor Guards minions
  • 5 Foo Dogs minions
  • 1 Sorcerer leader
  • 1 Exclusive Hero
  • 1 Double-sided Game Board
  • 1 Small Game Board
  • 20 Cards (spells & equipment)
  • 4 Adventure Mode Scenarios (2 by A.Bauza and L.Maublanc, 2 by E.Bourlett & E.Gheres)
  • 3 Tokens, 12 tiles and 1 Character sheet.

campaign image 69

The north wind blows in from the rugged domains north of Conan's homeland. With Asgard to the East and Vanaheim to the West, these two territories compose the frozen tundra that is Nordheim. The men of these lands are toughest of the tough, hardened by cold and battle. Blood spilling across the pristine snow as different tribes fight for supremacy. Despite the uneasy relationship between the Cimmerians and the Aesirs, Conan earns their respect through strength of arms and embarks on more than one adventure across these glistening lands. Join Conan and his companions as they cross swords with the Vanirs, pursue the Frost-Giant's daughter, do battle with a necromancer defiling the burial grounds of wars past and more

This set contains:

  • 1 Niord, Aesir Hero
  • 5 Aesir warrior allies
  • 10 Vanir warrior Minions
  • Atali, the daughter of Ymir, the frost-giant, Leader
  • Atali's Brothers, 2 frost giant monsters
  • 5 Monstrous Crow minions
  • 1 Double-sided game board
  • 7 Cards (spells & equipment)
  • 4 Adventure Mode Scenarios written by Croc and Sippik
  • 8 Tokens, 22 Tiles and 1 Character Sheet.

campaign image 70

Far to the South of Conan's home there lies a dry, arid land where a rugged, dark skinned people eke as much of a life as they can out of the sands. The environment is not the only danger in these lands however, there is a darker, more sinister power at work, one that man should have known to leave well enough alone but the promise of power is too tempting for some. Now the dead rest uneasily beneath the sands and monstrous beasts devour men like cattle as the great and powerful watch on, eternally.

This set contains:

  • 1 exclusive Assassin hero
  • 1 Thot-Amon Leader
  • 10 Giant scorpions monsters
  • 1 Scorpion broodmother monster
  • 5 Assassins minions
  • 5 Eternal guard minions
  • 1 Double-sided game board
  • 13 Cards (spells & equipment)
  • 4 Adventure Mode Scenarios (2 by Bruno Cathala, 2 by Fred Henry)
  • 60 Tokens, 12 Tiles and 1 Character Sheet

campaign image 71

“The Strangler” as he is known is a cold blooded murderer who enjoys killing his victims by snapping their necks, but can this new minion leader break Conan?

campaign image 72

The Personal guard of King Conan, these 5 fearsome warriors can be led by any hero with the command skill! On the board, these will play as slower and more defense-orientated allies.

campaign image 73

These Powerful ranged minions are equipped with the most effective ranged weapon the Overlord can field and they can put some serious hurt on our heroes. Even those heavily armored. A priority target for sure!

campaign image 74

A ferocious being from another plane. The earth demon can be summoned by both hero and overlord sorcerers to give them a huge punch in combat.

campaign image 75

A feral beast from deep within the wild corners of the world, this Sabertooth-Tiger is the same as the one summoned by Zogar Sag in Beyond the Black River.

campaign image 76

A feisty warrior who is in NO WAY RELATED TO ANY CHARACTER YOU MAY KNOW is a character that can be used as both a Hero and an overlord minion!

campaign image 77

2 red, 2 orange and 2 yellow dice. Because who doesn't enjoy throwing lots of dice?

campaign image 78

This book contains the beautiful artwork from the Conan game as well as 19 brand new scenarios that can be played as an 8-episode campaign including hero and overlord progression! Requires King pledge or King Conqueror Pledge to play all scenarios.

campaign image 79

Ce livre contient les magnifiques illustrations du jeu Conan ainsi que 19 nouveaux scénarios qui peuvent être joués comme une campagne de 8 épisodes comprenant une progression de héros et d’Overlord! Nécessite un King Pledge ou un King Conqueror Pledge pour pouvoir jouer tous les scénarios.

campaign image 80

A bound hardcover illustrated book of 96 pages, similar to the campaign book. It contains twenty scenarios as well as a large number of pages of character backgrounds and descriptions of the Hyborian Age creatures!

campaign image 81

Un livre illustré et relié de 96 pages, semblable au livre de campagne. Il contient vingt scénarios ainsi qu'un grand nombre de pages concernant l’historique des personnages et de descriptions des créatures de l'âge hyborien!

campaign image 18

campaign image 83

Our limited quantities items and bundles obviously are available equally for all backers, new pledgers, veterans from 2015, everyone. To do our best to make them available to the most people possible, we’re limitating to one unit per backer each limited item for the first 72 hours of the Pledge Manager! You’d better strike fast to grab yours! After that, there is no limit to the number you can add to your pledge.

Concerned items are the following:

  • 10 Crossbowmen
  • Vanyr Valkyrie
  • Baal-Pteor (2015 version)
  • 5 Black Dragons
  • Sabertooth Tiger
  • Demon of the Earth
  • 6 Dice pack
  • Khitai
  • Stygia
  • Nordheim
  • Artbook/Campaign (English Version)
  • Artbook/Campagne (Version Française)
  • Book of Set (English Version)
  • Livre de Set (Version Française)

These items and pledges levels cannot be shipped in the following destinations : Brazil, Oceania, Mexico and Asia. These items, unfortunately, only ship to Europe and North America, as the availability of these items is based on existing stock that's already at the hubs, except for the Conan Portal Pledge and Hyborian Pledge, which are only available within the EU+UK.

All our other add-ons and items are available in unlimited quantities!

campaign image 18

campaign image 85

Both Kickstarter backers and Game On Tabletop late pledgers have to pay shipping during this pledge manager. The shipping costs are calculated based upon the total weight of all items in your order and as such, additional items added during the pledge manager after validating your order could increase the shipping costs, resulting in a difference to pay with those additional items.

The European Union, USA, Canada, Brazil, and Australia zones are 'Shipping Friendly', and backers from these countries will not need to pay import taxes. Backers outside of these countries are responsible for any import taxes that may be applied.

Important notes

We cannot ship to PO Boxes domestically or internationally, and cannot ship at all to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Burma (Myanmar), Sudan, North Korea and Syria.

Remember that any items or pledges levels in limited quantities cannot be shipped in the following destinations : Brazil, Oceania, Mexico and Asia. These items, unfortunately, only ship to Europe and North America, as the availability of these items is based on existing stock that's already at the hubs.

campaign image 18

campaign image 87

Even before the weight of your pledge is taken into consideration, some basic costs set a baseline amount per pledge. These costs are specific to each hub and depend on labor costs and prices negotiated on our behalf with that hubs preferred couriers.
The cost of the fulfillment by our distribution hub, of your pledge, the picking of your pledge and its preparation for dispatch ensuring the least possible transit damage are also included in your shipping fees.
If you’ve received a pledge from us previously – you’ll understand the lengths we go to in terms of packaging, additional bubble packing etc. to ensure your pledge arrives damage and scratch free.
Price increases passed on by our distribution hubs are calculated annually, so there is a provision for that projected rise included as the delivery date is Q2 2021.
And finally, where applicable these shipping costs also include the VAT costs due on the shipping. Not on VAT due on the value of the product -we take care of that for you, but the VAT applied directly to the cost associated with the courier companies fees.

Unfortunately not, the current state of the courier delivery market globally would create significant challenges and result is a higher than acceptable amount of potential delivery error.

You can upgrade from Conqueror Pledge to Hyborian Conqueror Pledge if your delivery address is located in EU/UK (stock level dependent). King Pledge and Barbarian Pledges are sold out and won’t be available even if another backer drops their pledge.

Any add-on which is not listed as French or English either contains gameplay material in BOTH languages (such as all our small boxes expansions) or not language specific (dice)

No, we are unable to send stock from the EU to North America and vice-versa.

Stripe is our preferred software, Paypal is not accepted.

If your country is not on our list, it means we are unfortunately unable to deliver to that destination.

Check that you have selected a pledge and that you have selected the option of which language you wish the Tome of Skelos to be in AND whether or not you wish to opt out of any stretch goal boxes you are eligible for.

Financial risk, current market conditions, there were many reasons that forced our decision to delay their reprint our Red Nails Campaigns next year.
We will then add some solo/co-op scenarios to each expansion, so you’ll be able to use them in both modes.

All our Late Pledgers and any backers who selected the “no reward” pledge level during the previous campaign will not automatically receive the Free Stretch Goal Box, but it is available in the add-on section (25€)

Yes, as we will provide all gameplay related material, tiles, character sheets and tokens for these minis within the Conqueror expansion box.

The Shadow Kingdom, Tales of the Red Hood, and Hidden Chambers add-ons require the Conqueror expansion Box.

Yes, setting aside the dozen official scenarios, you can also find scenarios and campaigns made by fans and professional authors on the Overlord site, on our Boardgamegeek page, and on our own online scenario editor, Links are accessible on the Main page.

Lot of heroes from old expansions can be used in Solo/co-op mode content, and some minions/bosses can be used in place of others, but current list is not 100% fixed on the subject.

Yes, you can pick up additional Conqueror VIP pledges and Hyborian VIP Pledges, and for each box, you’ll be eligible to one Free Stretch Goal Box.


You can with some exceptions, for instance you can pick up a Conqueror/Hyborian VIP pledge if you didn’t pick one up during the Kickstarter, because you were chasing a Sold out product (Barbarian/King Conqueror Pledge).

Remember: If you change your Kickstarter pledge for any of the LATE pledges (Conqueror Late Pledge, Hyborian Late Pledge, Freebooter or Portal Pledge, you will no longer receive the Free Stretch Goal box linked to your Kickstarter pledge.

You will have to manually click and update your order giving you the chance to change up your add-ons selection.

You can find a Step by Step guide in update 39: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/806316071/conan-the-conqueror-adventure-mode-expansion/posts or update 40 on the ks page for French version.
If you’re still in difficulty, you can contact us directly or drop us a line in the Comments Section.

You’ll have English language versions of all the French tiles, cards, rulebooks and scenarios that are included in the King Pledge box (even if you selected a pledge lower than King)

If after paying shipping you still have a remaining balance in the PM, we will refund it approaching the end of the PM (August).

No, all these products include V2 rulebooks!
A few years ago we offered a V2 version of rules after some backers have difficulties with V1. But some of our 2015 backers and players that picked up their game from the retail/secondhand market missed out on these replacements, so we are making them available again.

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their …

campaign image 18

campaign image 89

By pledging to this project, you acknowledge that the final look, components, and content of the rewards (and the project) are subject to change and may differ substantially from what is presented in this Kickstarter project page.

Delivery Date

Monolith will do their utmost to ensure that deliveries start according to the announced schedules. However, it is never impossible that a problem may arise. Should this happen, we will do our absolute best to provide you with accurate information and to limit any delays to a minimum.

Our commitments

Regarding the payments made through the Pledge Manager:

  • full refund without any conditions within 14 days after the payment, not 14 days after the Pledge Manager closes.
  • 90% refund without any conditions from the 15th day after the payment to the day the first ship with Conan the Boardgame content departs from China. The start of the shipping date will be announced in a Kickstarter update.

Transaction fees may be applied by the transaction operator (Stripe). If the refund through Kickstarter or the Pledge Manager is not possible (for instance if the debit/credit card expired, or because of the use of a virtual card, or for any other reason), the refund will be made with a bank wire. Additional bank fees may apply depending on the bank and the country. We commit to delivering your order in accordance with the information provided in the Pledge Manager, or refund 90% of the paid amount if you do not fill out the following information in the Pledge Manager by the time it is closed:

  • Indicate the detail of your order
  • Fill out your delivery information
  • Pay your shipping fees
  • Validate and confirm your order in the Pledge Manager.

Your commitments

  • Follow the communications through the project updates. Kickstarter.com sends you each update by email, but if you do not receive them (spam, change in your email address…) it is up to you to stay informed. The updates are regular and all available on the Kickstarter project page. The updates will also be published on our Facebook page.
  • Fill out your information to finalize your order, enter your delivery address and pay your shipping fees in the Pledge Manager before it is closed. The opening and closing dates of the Pledge Manager will be announced in a Kickstarter update.
  • Update your delivery address in the Pledge Manager in case of change and provide valid information for your delivery (full address, email address, phone number). The deadline for updating your information and the delivery dates will be announced in a Kickstarter update. Updating your information cannot be done by mail or direct message via Facebook or Kickstarter. We will not be able to refund the orders delivered to an invalid address and the reshipment will be charged.
  • Send your refund request to the following email address: support@monolithedition.com indicating the necessary information to process your request (email address used on Kickstarter, amount of the requested refund, and the name of the game). To ensure the efficient processing of your request and its traceability, we can not guarantee an answer through the direct messaging of our Kickstarter or facebook pages.
  • Accept the conditions and import taxes of the country you selected for your delivery. We can not refund the orders not delivered or for which the import taxes are too high in the destination country.
  • Contact in priority the support service of your delivery hub for any issue related to your order : issues related to the expedition of your parcel (absence, lost or damaged),related to the content of your parcel or related to the content of your game boxes (missing or damaged component).

The tracking information of your parcel is only valid for a few months. In case of an issue, if you do not contact the support service of your hub as indicated in the Kickstarter updates within 3 months after the end of the shipping period, we can not guarantee a positive answer to your support or refund requests. If these terms are not acceptable to you, then we suggest that you do not participate in this crowdfunding campaign. Thank you for your understanding.


Copyright © 2017 Monolith and related logos and distinctive likenesses are trademarks or registered trademarks of Monolith Board Games. All rights reserved. © 2020 Conan Properties International LLC (« CPI »). CONAN, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, HYBORIA, and related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of CPI unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

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