Torg Eternityby Ulisses North America

This project ended on 03/09/2017 and was successfully funded

The classic cinematic multi-genre RPG returns with updated rules, settings, full-color art, and a whole new Possibility War!

The "High Lords" came from other cosms—other realities—conquerors joined together to steal the Earth’s living energy…to consume its very Possibilities!

Each Reality Raider brought his or her own reality, or "cosm"...

...from the dark fantasy of Aysle... the technological oppression of the Cyberpapacy...

...the savagery and exploration of the Living Land...

...the diabolical pulp villains of the Nile Empire...

...the Gothic horror of Orrorsh...

...the action and intrigue of Pan-Pacifica...

...and the terrifying, demon-ruled wasteland of Tharkold!

The High Lords impose their reality and transform everything within, draining the Earth of its Possibilities in the hopes that one of them will become an ancient and all-powerful being called the "Torg!"

Axioms and World Laws

Each cosm in Torg Eternity doesn't just feel different, it plays different thanks to its Axioms (Magical, Social, Spiritual, and Technological) that define what can exist there, and most importantly its World Laws, rules that reinforce the genre and trope of the place.

Here are a few examples:

  • Core Earth is a cosm of die-hard action and adventure.The Law of the Underdog allows Storm Knight player characters to use their Destiny cards a little more often--but only when they're outnumbered or at a disadvantage!
  • Aysle's Law of Enchantment generates magic items when characters get certain lucky rolls, granting them weapons, armor, or more powerful abilities!
  • The Living Land's Law of Savagery grants a Bonus Die to damage--if a character performs a risky All-Out attack!
  • Heroes in the Nile Empire use the Law of Action to spend additional Possibilities, improving their skill or attribute rolls and allowing them to perform thrilling feats that are near impossible elsewhere!

Earth is not defenseless. The player characters are "Storm Knights," heroes from all the cosms who fight against the High Lords. They use magic, technology, miracles, and even super powers against the Reality Raiders and their endless minions.

The Storm Knights are agents of the "Delphi Council," an international organization led by Quinn Sebastian to counter the High Lords and their many forces.

Join the fight and you can play a.... hunter from Orrorsh armed with alchemical creations, magical medals, or a "Slayer's Gun" loaded with various bullets carved with cryptic runes...

...heretical cyberwitch, valiant priest, or resistance fighter decked out with stolen cyberware, battling the Anti-Pope in the technologically oppressive world of the Cyberpapacy...

...knight, wizard, or elf of Aysle, including the fantastic dwarven "Dragon Warriors" who wear armor forged with amazing enhancements and steam-powered devices of doom...

...hard-boiled hero of Pan-Pacifica or an "Electric Samurai" armed with high-tech "Ion Gusoko" armor and ion-charged katana...

...psychic survivor or irradiated scavenger of Tharkold, using Occultech against the cruel demon masters who once enslaved you...

...savage human of the Living Land accompanied by a saber-toothed cat, or a mystical edeinos who can call on the miracles of a fierce and powerful goddess whose interventions are very real...

...pulp hero of the Nile Empire, racing through the skies with a rocket pack or firing your ray gun at the dastardly shocktroops of Pharoah Mobius...

...stalwart Core Earther, a realm runner who can negate your enemies' powers or summon phenomenal reality storms to strip foes of their very Possibility Energy!

And so much more!

Characters of each realm choose from different "Perk" sets generally only available to certain realities. Every character stands out and is just as valuable as any other. Edeinos of the Living Land might have Death Claws, Star Eyes, or Whip Tails, for example, while heroes of Pan-Pacifica can call on Ki Powers such as Unflinching or Focused Strike.

Check out our updates for more previews of Perks and how they'll help YOUR Storm Knight resist the High Lords!

D20s and Bonus Dice

As with the original Torg, the central mechanic of Torg Eternity is a d20 roll on a "Bonus Chart." Rolls of 10s and 20s "explode," allowing another die to be rolled and added to get a result. Something new for Torg Eternity is that a high enough number on an attack generates extra damage from 6-sided "Bonus Die."

Rolling a 10 or 20 on the d20 causes it to "explode," adding to the total! The infinity symbol on the six-sided Bonus Die adds +5 to your damage and allows you to roll again!


Storm Knights (and some villains!) have a resource called Possibilities they can spend to roll extra dice or absorb incoming damage, allowing them to bend reality to their will. More Possibilities can be earned by playing roleplaying, achieving objectives, or playing the all-new Cosm cards (see below!).

The Drama Deck

Initiative is controlled with the Drama Deck. Each card features a Conflict Line that grants benefits or hindrances to either side as the tide of battle ebbs and flows.

Players also have a hand of Destiny cards that help them pull off spectacular maneuvers or add new elements to the game.

Cosm cards are a new addition that help reinforce the World Laws and sometimes grant Possibilities or other advantages--though often with consequences!

If you want to know more about mechanics or setting, our YouTube channel and website are full of previews, design discussions, and even a sample of play.

If you're a fan of the original Torg like we are, you're probably wondering exactly what's changed. We stayed true to the spirit of both the setting and the rules, but this is a new edition from the ground up so there are definitely some big ideas in this gorgeous, full-color book.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Perks are a system for buying and balancing all those awesome special abilities characters have!
  • Characters from cosms like Core Earth now get their due, with unique Perk sets for everyone! Medals, Occultism, and Alchemy for Orrosh! Electric samurai in Pan-Pacifica! Cyber witches in the Cyberpapacy! Outsiders for Aysle!
  • Tharkold--right from the start!
  • Streamlined reality rules that make some of the strange edge cases a little more clear!
  • Edeinos are MUCH more savage and frightening!
  • Damage is simpler and doesn't need a chart. The change also fixes the "glass jaw" problem!
  • Interaction results are much simpler, with no chart needed!
  • Every cosm got an overhaul from the ground up, updating those that were out of date given the 30 years that have passed since the original game was released, refocusing some that had gone a little astray as the original game grew, and generally making each realm tougher! We had the luxury of all the development the original team did on the original cosms, so we consolidated some of the most beloved material and worked it in right from the start.

Core Earth characters are now as awesome as those from all the other cosms. They own the Reality Perk set!

If you want to get everything available for this Kickstarter campaign, your best deal is the Delphi Council Cargo Box!

The Delphi Council Cargo Box is a sturdy, custom box designed to hold all your Torg accessories, and it comes with EVERYTHING listed below!

  • Torg Eternity Rule Book (Hardcover + PDF)
  • GM Screen and 16 Character Archetypes (Print + PDF)
  • Delphi Council Cargo Box - (Print, see text)
  • Drama Deck (Print + PDF)
  • Dice Pack (Physical)
  • Status, Shock, and Wound Counters (Print + PDF)
  • 20 Possibilities (High Quality Poker Chips with unique art, Physical)
  • Poster Map of the Possibility Wars (Print + PDF)
  • A "tear off" pad of full-color character sheets (Print)
  • ALL Original Torg books! (PDF) ($130 value!)
  • All Digital Stretch Goals (PDF or other Digital formats)

Added so far through Stretch Goals:

  • Day One Adventures (Print + PDF)
  • Soundtrack CD (and MP3)
  • Delphi Missions Book (Print + PDF)
  • Cosm Law Table Tents (Print + PDF)
  • Threat Cards (Print + PDF)
  • Threat Blips (Print + PDF)
  • Character Journals (Print + PDF)

Watch for even more stretch goals to be unlocked through this Game On store!

Some reward levels get the entire run of original Torg books in PDF format from our friends at DriveThruRPG! Check your backer level to see if it says "All Original Torg books! (PDF)."

This is a $130 value! Click here to go to DriveThruRPG and see the massive and amazing catalog created by the West End Games crew for the first edition!

We have a reality storm of additional adventures, props, accessories, music, miniatures, and more in the works for Torg Eternity! Note that most of these are included as FREE digital Stretch Goals for all reward levels, and as FREE physical stretch goals in the Delphi Council Cargo Box! The one notable exception to this is the High Lord Miniatures Set, which is NOT included in the Cargo Box.

Torg Core Book

Add an additional core book to your order! This gorgeous, 280 page book (may change...we're still in final proofing!) contains info on all the cosms, character creation, Perks, gear, creatures, and so much more!

  • Torg Core Rules (280 pages, full-color, hardback book): $50

Print Edition Upgrades

Upgrade your Torg Eternity rulebook to the blue leatherette Deluxe Edition or the incredible Limited Edition, a hand-bound, hand-embossed real red leather version!

Both the Deluxe and the Limited Editions are embossed with the Delphi Council logo.

If you pledged extra during the Kickstarter, you can select the appropriate upgrade pledge now. Otherwise you can select whichever reward you like and pay the difference. Or you can buy individual copies of each book!

  • Upgrade to the Blue Deluxe Edition Reward Level for $25 more
  • Upgrade to the Red Limited Edition Reward Level for $50 more
  • Purchase the Blue Deluxe Edition as an add-on: $75 each
  • Purchase the Red Limited Edition as an add-on: $100 each

The Day One Adventure Book

Ever wonder what it was like to live in the world of Torg Eternity on the day of the invasion? The Day One Adventures let you and your group battle through the opening days of the Possibility Wars as civilians caught up in the High Lords' attacks! You don't even start as Storm Knights... but you might have your "Moment of Crisis" if you prove yourself worthy!

Designer's Note: The original Torg had several "person on the street" interviews that gave some insight into what it was like to be a normal individual in the world of Torg on the day of the invasion. These adventures let you play those first days! These aren't campaign starters (though they can be), but reveal some of Torg Eternity's changes and mysterious secrets to your players in a fun and interactive way!

  • Day One Adventures (144 page, full-color, hardback book): $30

Drama Deck

The new Torg Eternity Drama Deck controls initiative and the flow of combat for both "Standard" and dangerous "Dramatic" Scenes, introduces special conditions such as Flurry or Setback results, lists Approved Actions that encourages players to attempt Taunts, Tricks, Maneuvers, and other interactions, AND contains special steps for Torg's revolutionary Dramatic Skill Resolution!

The box also includes the now-separate Destiny Deck. These cards are the player's best friend, allowing them to play cards such as Action that adds to their skill tests, Romance that helps them strike up an amorous relationship (and gain Possibilities!), or Seize Initiative to change the Drama Deck when things are bad. And so much more!

Torg Eternity also introduces Cosm cards, which reinforce the tropes and World Laws of each cosm and grant the heroes an advantage of some sort, though often at a price! Check out our updates and previews to learn more about this incredibly cool addition to the game.

  • Drama Deck: $25

Game Master's Screen

A three-panel hardboard, landscape style screen featuring art and Core Earth's Axioms and World Laws on one side and important notes and reminders for the Game Master on the other.

The GM Screen also includes 16 loose, full-color card stock, full-size prints of the archetype characters you can hand out at your game table so your players can jump into Torg Eternity right away!

  • GM Screen + Printed Archetypes: Add $25 to your pledge

Poster Map of the Possibility Wars

Want to track the changes to the game world in your campaign, or just show your players the various cosms and their "stelae boundaries"? This 22" x 34", high-quality, dry and wet erase poster map features the map of the Possibility Wars on one side, and gorgeous artwork on the other!

Art not final!

  • Poster Map of the Possibility Wars: $15

Dice Pack

Fans of the original Torg remember how special those red and blue d20s were, and that they were rumored to have been manufactured by accident so the exact formula couldn't be repeated!

The new Torg Eternity dice are similar to those treasured d20s and include two "Bonus Dice," six-sided dice numbered from one to ... well... eternity! The dice pack also includes additional "tracker" cards you can use to track your rerolls.

  • Dice Pack: $10 for each additional pack of two d20s, two Bonus Dice, and tracker cards.

Possibility Chips

Players in Torg Eternity use "Possibilities" to affect their die rolls and soak damage. This gorgeous pack of ceramic chips allows your group to track their Possibilities in style!

Each of the TWENTY chips in this pack is a custom ceramic poker chip featuring the High Lords, Storm Knights, and other art from the game. Best of all, the art on every chip is unique--no repeats!

  • Possibility Chips: $20

Status, Shock, and Wound Tokens

These die-cut, cardboard counters help track damage and status conditions in Torg Eternity. Each sheet contains at least five double-sided Stymied / Very Stymied tokens, five Vulnerable / Very Vulnerable tokens, 20 1 / 2 Shock markers, and ten 1 / 2 Wound counters.

  • Status, Shock, and Wound Tokens: $5 for each set

Tear-Off Character Sheets

A pad of 50 full-color, two-sided character sheets you can tear off for those who want to make their own custom Storm Knights!

  • Tear-Off Character Sheets: $5 for each pack of 50

Character Journals

This is a set of 8 themed character sheets - one for each cosm, including Core Earth. Each one then has several pages for keeping track of your character's story in a journal format.

  • Character Journals: $5 per pack

High Lord Miniatures

Here's a sneak peek at the 3D models we'll turn into 32mm METAL minis, all in a set for $60! (NOTE - This add-on is not automatically included in the Cargo Box.)

  • High Lord Miniatures: $60 for the set of 8
The Gaunt Man of Orrorsh

The Gaunt Man of Orrorsh

Baruk Kaah of the Living Land

Baruk Kaah of the Living Land

Pharoah Mobius of the Nile Empire

Pharoah Mobius of the Nile Empire

Lord Angar Uthorion of Aysle

Lord Angar Uthorion of Aysle

Antipope Jean Malraux of the Cyberpapacy

Antipope Jean Malraux of the Cyberpapacy

Ryuchi Kanawa of Pan-Pacifica

Ryuchi Kanawa of Pan-Pacifica

Reiko Kanawa of Pan-Pacifica

Reiko Kanawa of Pan-Pacifica

Kranod of Tharkold

Kranod of Tharkold

Torg Eternity Soundtrack

20 tracks to set the mood for adventuring in Core Earth and beyond! Composed and recorded by Ralf Kurtsiefr. Check out a sample here.

  • Soundtrack CD: Add $18 to your pledge.

Delphi Missions Hardcover Book

This 80-page hardcover book contains all of the new missions being written by our guest authors, plus some of our convention scenarios and more!

  • Delphi Missions Book: $25

We unlocked many stretch goals over the course of our Kickstarter! Visit our web site ( for more detailed descriptions of unlocked stretch goals.

Digital stretch goals are available to backers at all levels! Once the campaign closes, we'll catch up everyone who pledged late or missed the Kickstarter survey for their DriveThruRPG email.

Physical stretch goals either enhance products or become add-ons themselves. All physical add-ons except for the High Lord Miniatures are included automatically in the Cargo Box reward levels! (Note that each Cargo Box level includes only one book Core Rules book automatically. If you want multiples or different editions, you'll need to add those on individually.)

The way we have set up the shipping for this campaign is that there are thresholds that correspond to the different reward levels. Because of this, purchasing most of the add-ons will incur no additional shipping charge over the initial shipping for the pledge level! If you are a Print Player backer, any one of the following items will kick you up to the next shipping level:

  • Extra Book (hardcover, Deluxe, or Limited)
  • GM Screen
  • Miniatures Set

If you are a Print GM backer, you will only go up to the next shipping level if you order several of those things. And if you are a Cargo Box backer, then there is no additional shipping for all of your add-ons!

Packages Arriving in North America (10/02/2018 00:10)

Hello Storm Knights!

The Storm has finally come to North America. As those of you who've been tracking the NYK Meteor know it docked and unloaded on the 7th as scheduled. They've cleared customs and are on the truck heading to Card Kingdom for shipping to their final destination: you! That means early next week email notifications should start arriving and the packages themselves later next week or the week after. It's been a longer road than expected, so thank you all for your patience.

Bookmarked PDFs

An updated version of the Torg Eternity core book, Day One, and Delphi Missions: Rising Storm are going to DriveThruRPG today. If you haven't already received the notification of your updated files, you should soon. The missing bookmarks were a snarl in our production process that came from trying to get the PDFs out as quickly as possible, but that's sorted now and shouldn't be an issue again.

We're still working on getting scans for the missing novels. That process has started, so I don't expect too long before those files become available too.

Missing Item Procedure

Remember when those boxes arrive: the extra dice are loose in the packing material, so please check it carefully before you throw it out. If your package is missing something or an item is damaged send us an email! Be sure to include the email address you used to back the campaign so we can verify your order and the address you'd like the corrections shipped to.

Note for Game On backers - we try not to put email address in public comments, but you can use the Game On response system to contact us initially.

Thanks everyone!


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30 comments on the project

Kaze wrote (17/02/2018 17:41)

So updating here to let people know in case you aren't watching the Kickstarter page/comments.

Card Kingdom is sending out the packages to backers. Therefore some of the backers have looked into "UPS Mychoice" which after signing up, you can look to see where your package is roughly at. I would highly suggest looking into this as it will relieve the tension of needing to ask "where's my package?".

That is all...
~ Cats rule.

Unnamed wrote (11/02/2018 01:25)

I am super fucking tired of not getting any updates on anything and all the backers only bullshit updates on kickstart. I paid good fucking money for this game and have been a good fucking sport about this game being really fucking late!. This last "backers only" update on kick start was the last motherfucking straw! Ullises and his stuff through game on can suck my fat cock! Why no info? I paid for this god damned game too mother fucker!!!!

Unnamed wrote (10/01/2018 05:16)

Torg is on the boat!!!

Unnamed wrote (15/12/2017 21:29)

Late especially for us in north america. But an honest apology. I am happy about the extra dice, I still have mine from the original box! Hopefully our county is still here next year, our asshole president seems intent on destroying this place!

Holgi wrote (19/11/2017 13:55)

Why aren‘t there any updates posted here? Why are there only updates posted on Kickstarter? Apparently there was even some kind of survey on Kickstarter but I cannot see what it was because I backed here on Game on Tabletop.

QuantumPants519 wrote (26/10/2017 01:25)

I am finding the Kickstarter update page useful:

Thurgosh wrote (12/10/2017 00:54)

If you haven't already done so, try registering with 'Ulisses US' or for the German site.
They are doing some articles and reviews already for the game.

QuantumPants519, hope Ottawa is doing well.

Thurgosh wrote (12/10/2017 00:37)

I emailed timothy brown (per the email address on this page) to highlight the updates issue for us and he hasn't responded so far, that was on 1st October.

Kaze wrote (09/10/2017 13:01)

If there is another hidden update, I will try to quickly post a summary here when I can. The reason update #21 is hiddenfor US is because it has Eric's contact info and they don't want that getting out to the main public since it would otherwise cause issues with non-backers asking questions. At least that's my understanding of it.

QuantumPants519 wrote (01/10/2017 18:00)

Thurgosh, I also have this problem.

Thurgosh wrote (28/09/2017 22:55)

For those of us who are backers here and not through the Kickstarter site, I've found that i cannot view the latest updates on that site as your have to log and be counted as a backer and it seems that us Game On backers aren't included.
Has anyone else found this problem?

Kaze wrote (22/09/2017 16:50)

@ironcrow your best bet would be to contact ulisses through Kickstarter and ask that way. Unfortunately I can't answer any of your questions.

Ironcrow wrote (12/09/2017 04:22)

I feel terrible as I have just recently found out about this project. I would like to have gotten into the funding and the kickstarter page said to come here to fund late. I do not know if that is still possible. Could someone tell me if it is still possible to get involved and if not when I may be able to purchase the products. I am ready now to do all of it. Really wanted one of those cargo boxes. will they be available for retail sale?

Kaze wrote (09/09/2017 16:55)

For anyone focusing here expecting updates, look at the Kickstarter for TORG Eternity and read the updates there, as there'll probably be more there then here. :D

Razzputin wrote (05/09/2017 07:57)

I got my links. Thank you all involved I am really enjoying all of this stuff.

Kaze wrote (03/09/2017 15:11)

I wonder how much additional KS stretch goals we unlocked.

Thalrond wrote (02/09/2017 12:22)

Thanks for cross-posing that for us non-social-media types :-)

Razzputin wrote (02/09/2017 08:52)

For those of us that joined late I found this over on the Torg Eternity facebook.
We will do all the new pledges as part of the batch after the store closes at the end of the month. So the first few days of September.
So stated Eric Simon. So in a day or so when this closes.

Xon Pon wrote (02/09/2017 08:00)

I am so confusing. There are 0 update since the project kickstarts. I am expecting that I have participated for nothing.

Xon Pon wrote (02/09/2017 07:54)

What do you mean "late"? Duration of project: from 12/08/2017 00:00 till 03/09/2017 00:00 (GMT+1). We are not "late", right? I don't get it.

Razzputin wrote (02/09/2017 07:28)

yeah what Doctorx42 said. I second that.

DoctorX42 wrote (02/09/2017 06:55)

I'm a late backer too. Did the download links already go out and I missed them, or do I have to talk to someone, or are they on a specific site?

Xon Pon wrote (01/09/2017 23:06)

Why there are no update from Ulisses? I don't even understand how this work and their schedule. I've found that some backers have got the game already. Have I miss something?

Holgi wrote (01/09/2017 20:15)

Awesome, played it a few times back in the days.
Drama Deck is one of the most interesting concepts in roleplaying that I encountered!

Razzputin wrote (01/09/2017 09:42)

as someone who only got here late(only bought through game on) should I be able to get the digital files yet?

QuantumPants519 wrote (30/08/2017 01:55)

This is a Christmas present to myself. Looking forward to a geeky new year of Doom!

Flash wrote (24/08/2017 21:38)

If I remember correctly the they mentioned in one of their live plays that the will have a crowd funding for the German translation either at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.
Took too long for me and I backed the English kickstarter. So far (we got the first PDFs recently) I am very happy with the results. Ulisses created a very interesting game.

Mirco wrote (17/08/2017 17:15)

I read somewhere that a kickstarter for a German edition will follow some time after the release of the English books. However I am not a team member and have no real knowledge.

Unnamed wrote (16/08/2017 20:44)

Is this project going to get translated into German? If yes when can I expect to be able to back it?

Flash wrote (15/08/2017 21:54)

First..... ;-)

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