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For a deeper experience in the world of The Dark Eye, look to the Warring Kingdoms! This in-depth series offers adventures, accessories, and a wealth of information for the most complete play experience you could want!

An Eternal Conflict

The grudge between the Warring Kingdoms of Nostria and Andergast has burned for almost two millennia.

Nostrian Soldiers Defending the Marshland

The history of the Warring Kingdoms has been shaped by constant enmity, which is why nearly every other region in Aventuria has heard about them. Others may view their inhabitants as backwards and cantankerous, but these kingdoms are among the oldest on the continent, and their citizens refuse to shed their ancient traditions.

An Andergastan Noble

While their many wars have created poverty, they have also given rise to inventive problem solving. Heroes in the Warring Kingdoms must deal with many challenges. Secrets from past ages wait to be discovered in the wilderness of the Andergastan forest or the swamps of the Nostrian Lake Districts, and opportunities abound to explore primeval wilderness, go on a knight’s quest, uncover stories of ancient cults and local nature religions, discover powerful magic, or deal with the influence of witches and sumes (druids).

The Baronies of Andergast and Bombasties of Nostria

May you have many exciting adventures in the Warring Kingdoms!

Adventuring in the Warring Kingdoms

The lore of this region is deep and rich, and the creators of The Dark Eye have developed a wealth of materials to help you explore and experience it. Immerse yourself in the tragic and inspiring tales of this land, and create your own unique stories!

The Books and Accessories

The Warring Kingdoms Sourcebook

This book is the starting point for all your adventures in Nostria and Andergast. At nearly 200 pages long, it is an incredibly thorough overview of the region, covering politics, history, geography, wildlife, commerce, law, magic, and more!

Deluxe and Limited Editions

The book comes in hardcover, a green leatherette Deluxe Edition, or a real black leather Limited Edition. You can add $25 to any regular hardcover reward to get the Deluxe leatherette. The Limited Edition can only be found in the top-tier rewards.

The Warring Kingdoms Map Set

The Warring Kingdoms Sourcebook includes many pages of regional and city maps. This set presents each one as an individual poster for convenient use at the table or for display on your wall, plus some new maps not available in the Sourcebook! Posters fold up to fit neatly into the box included with your Aventuria Map Set.

New Bonds and Ancient Quarrels

This full-length (48 page) adventure book offers the heroes an opportunity to seek a new alliance that could bring peace between the Warring Kingdoms. Will they succeed? Is peace even possible between these ancient foes?

The Warring Kingdoms Armory

This 32-page supplement examines in detail the weapons and armor of the region. It covers history, usage, and game statistics for a wide variety of armaments and wares.

Hero's Breviary of the Warring Kingdoms

This in-character journal (similar in format and style to previous journals like On Aves' Path) is the perfect way to see the region through the eyes of someone living in the world of Aventuria.

The Warring Kingdoms Card Pack

If you already use the various Dark Eye card packs for reference at the table, you'll know how handy they are. This pack includes 120 new cards covering everything in The Warring Kingdoms - advantages, spells, creatures, weapons, and more!

Sounds of the Spheres Volume 1: The Warring Kingdoms

This CD contains 20 tracks composed by Ralf Kurtsiefer. Some of these tracks will be available to all backers digitally, depending on how many stretch goals are unlocked. Purchase the CD to get them all! (This add-on is also included in all "Collection" reward levels.)

The Andergastan

This hardcover, full-color graphic novel tells the story of the Warring Kingdoms in a new and exciting way! This add-on has been unlocked through stretch goals and is now added to all "Collection" pledge levels!

All of these products are already being printed. Our goal is to get them to our fans as quickly and effectively as possible. For that reason, we are running a short and simple campaign with a quick fulfillment turnaround.

Witches and Druids

There are plenty of new options for play in the Warring Kingdoms Sourcebook, but none quite as exciting as the sections on the specific magical disciplines of Nostria and Andergast.

Witches already have many spells and cantrips listed in the Core Rules, but there are several new ones that are unique to the Daughters of Satuaria, such as Serpent Call:

Because druids have not appeared in previous supplements, they are covered more thoroughly in this volume. There are numerous new spells for Druids, and they also get access to some terrifying rituals such as these:

Guild Mages also get a few new things to work with, like the devastating spell Agony:

There are numerous character options for non-spellcasters as well, especially with the weapons and armor introduced in the Armory. But we know that many fans are eager to see the wide range of new magic options in the Warring Kingdoms!

The reward levels are designed for your ease of use. You can either get just the book (and purchase individual add-ons afterwards) or you can get the book and all the Warring Kingdoms add-ons.

With either of these physical rewards, you can order one of two different versions. Just select the Deluxe version of the reward level if you want the Deluxe leatherette. If you want the real leather Limited Edition, you'll need to pledge for the Collection Limited reward level, which includes all of the Warring Kingdoms add-ons.

A Sister of Knowledge (colloquially - Serpent Witch)

The best way to get all the Warring Kingdoms products is with the Physical Collection reward level. But if you don't want everything - or if you want extra copies of something - you can order each item individually as an add-on.

The prices are listed below, but you can also see them in add-on selection. You'll also see more products from our back catalog, but those are not included automatically in the Collection levels.

Warring Kingdoms Map Set - $25
New Bonds and Ancient Quarrels - $15
Warring Kingdoms Armory - $13
Warring Kingdoms Card Pack - $10
Hero's Breviary of the Warring Kingdoms - $15
Sounds of the Spheres Volume 1: The Warring Kingdoms - $20
The Andergastan Graphic Novel - $25

A Sume (Druid) of Andergast

Many other Dark Eye products from our catalog are available as add-ons. These are not part of the Collection levels - you must purchase them individually. Simply select the ones you want in the add-on section of your order. Note that we are offering these with no additional shipping charge!

Our Kickstarter campaign was very successful, and it actually unlocked all our stretch goals! That means that all late pledges and upgrades will include these items!

(Digital Reward Levels will only get digital stretch goals. Physical Reward Levels will get both.)

Heroic Works 7: Legacy of the Dike (Print and PDF)

This story takes place along the coast of Nostria and would be a perfect addition to your Warring Kingdoms adventures!

Heroic Works 8: Turnip Harvest (Print and PDF)

This story takes place in the Lowermarshes region of the Bornland and connects directly to the ongoing Theater Knights campaign story!

Herald E6 and E7 (Print and PDF)

These editions of the Aventurian Herald continue where we left off with the last Herald released in English. They contain information relevant to numerous products released since then, and some set to come!

Warring Kingdoms Soundtrack (mp3)

Everyone will receive the full digital version of the Sounds of the Spheres Vol 1: Warring Kingdoms!

Warring Kingdoms Figure Flats Supplement (Print and PDF)

As part of the Almanac Kickstarter, we developed a set of tri-fold paper miniatures representing all the creatures and many of the people from the Core Rules, Almanac, and Bestiary. This new set covers everything from the Warring Kingdoms and many of the adventures we've released during the past year!

Nostria and Andergast D6 (Physical only)

All backers of physical reward levels will receive 2 Nostria D6 and 2 Andergast D6!

A Knight of Nostria

We have set up the rewards so that there is a "Deluxe" version of the rewards that allow for upgrades - the Book and the Physical Collection. If you have already pledged the extra $25 for the Deluxe Edition, simply change your reward level to the appropriate Deluxe reward level and you should be all set.

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