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Kickstarter backers, late pledgers, and curious passers-by; welcome to the pledge manager for Time of Legends: Joan of Arc.

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Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is a miniatures board game of dark Medieval fantasy, narrative adventures, and historical battles. It is a game set to the backdrop of the Hundred Years War; one that blends the history of the period with the beliefs of the people who lived at the time, allowing the game to explore both the historical and the fantastical. Along with a simple, order-based, area activation system, modular boards, and two modes of play; Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is a board gaming experience unparalled in its richness, depth, and diversity.

This pledge manager is where you'll select the rewards that you pledged for during the Kickstarter campaign, and where you'll also pay for shipping. It's also another chance to pick up add-ons, and even additional Maiden pledges. Just select everything you want and then pay the balance. You will pay immediately rather than at the end of the pledge manager, and you can return later to buy more items. Make sure that additional Maiden pledges you choose to get are the Kickstarter version, and not the Late Maiden Pledge version. The late pledge version does not come with Super Exclusives. If you backed at the Companion in Arms pledge level, but now want a Maiden pledge, you can upgrade to that too. By popular request, we also have a few new add-ons that weren't in the Kickstarter.

For anyone who is new to Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, then this is your chance to get on board. The Late Maiden Pledge gives you a core box and all of the unlocked stretch goals not marked Super Exclusive. That's over 400 highly detailed Legendary Scale miniatures, including several large terrain pieces, entire expansions, and the 180mm tall Beast. In addition, there's a scenario mode with 17 scenarios, a battle mode, and all the board tiles, cards, tokens, cubes, and dashboards that you need to play.

You can also expand out of the core box with any of the add-ons. You can fight large scale battles with the Legendary Battles add-on, introduce siege-warfare with the Siege add-on and it's massive castle terrain piece, or fight for the fate of the entire world with the Apocalypse and Unleash Hell add-ons; in which angels, demons, the risen dead, and the Devil himself take the field. Not to mention the incredible Legendary Dragon. With its 540mm wingspan, it is one of the largest board game miniatures ever made.

Details of these add-ons and many more can be found by clicking on the 'Optional Buys' drop-down box further down the page, and when reaching the select add-ons part of the checkout process. You can also find out all the contents of the Late Maiden Pledge on the image below, and check the Kickstarter campaign page for more in-depth information about Time of Legends: Joan of Arc.

If you'd just like to get some of the add-ons without taking the Late Maiden Pledge, then the $1 Companion in Arms pledge will let you do so. If you're interested in several add-ons, then the fixed bundle deals offer discounts over buying individually.

You will pay for your pledge and the shipping immediately, and you can return later to purchase more items if you wish.

(Click on the image to zoom in)

All of the add-ons from the Kickstarter campaign are here on the pledge manager and available to purchase. As well as those, there are also five new add-ons. There were a lot of requests for products we'd never planned for during the Kickstarter, and so we chose some of the most common requests to make available to backers here in the pledge manager. These new add-ons are:

  • Ottoman Army
  • Siege Force
  • Battle for Cravant scenario
  • Neoprene Mat
  • Deck Sleeves

Full details of these new add-ons can be found below in their individual entries, and on the purchase add-ons screen when checking out. Please note that these items are not included in any bundle deals.

The Super Exclusive items of Gog, Magog, the Good Place Inn, and its staff, are only available to those who backed for a Maiden pledge during the Kickstarter campaign. If you take multiple Maiden pledges then you will get one set of Super Exclusives for each. For late pledges, or anyone who upgrades to Maiden from Companion in Arms, you will receive all of the other stretch goals, and have full access to all add-ons, but you will not receive the Super Exclusive miniatures.

Qu’est-ce que le Pledge Manager ?

Si vous n’êtes pas un habitué de Kickstarter, vous pouvez vous demander ce qu’est un « Pledge Manager ». Eh bien, c’est une plateforme qui vous permet de finaliser votre commande lors du Kickstarter. Durant une campagne de financement participatif, vous souscrivez à un projet en y allouant une somme, sans préciser à ce moment-là la répartition précise de vos achats. C’est exactement ce que le Pledge Manager vous propose de faire. Vous allez ainsi pouvoir sélectionner les articles que vous souhaitez recevoir, en rajouter de nouveaux si vous le souhaitez, et connaître et payer les frais de port liés à votre commande.

Si vous avez souscrit pour un « Maiden Pledge » (pledge de base pour recevoir le jeu et tous les stretch goals) lors de la campagne Kickstarter de Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, vous aurez droit à tous les « Super Exclusive » en plus des stretch goals, et vous pourrez même si vous le souhaitez commander un nouveau Maiden Pledge et recevoir les Stret ch Goals et les Super Exclusive à nouveau.

Notez que nous innovons en vous proposant, en plus des extensions décrites lors de la campagne Kickstarter, des nouveautés créées spécifiquement pour ce Pledge Manager, cinq nouveaux articles très exactement. Vous pourrez voir leur description dans ce pledge manager.

Tous les articles Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, jeu de base ou extensions, vous sont proposés en français ou en anglais. Vous pouvez choisir la langue dans laquelle vous souhaitez recevoir ces articles, individuellement (par exemple, le jeu de base en anglais, l’extension Siege en français, l’extension Apocalypse en anglais, etc.).

Enfin, en même temps que le Pledge Manager, nous ouvrons un Late Pledge.

Qu’est-ce que le Late Pledge ?

Le Late Pledge est l’ouverture du projet à tous ceux qui ont raté le Kickstarter, en novembre dernier. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc est donc disponible à nouveau et pour deux mois seulement, pratiquement aux mêmes conditions : même prix, mêmes « cadeaux » (les stretch goals), mêmes extensions. La seule différence est que les « late pledgers » ne recevront pas la boîte de produits estampillés « Super Exclusive », réservée à ceux qui ont participé au Kickstarter. C’est une manière de récompenser nos fans, qui nous ont soutenu depuis le début. Néanmoins, l’offre des Late Pledgers reste extraordinairement attractive, avec un pledge de base proposant plus de 400 figurines, et un All In proposant plus de 800 figurines. Si Joan of Arc se retrouve en boutique (ce qui n’est pas encore garanti), ce ne sera pas avec une telle offre à un tel prix. Ce sera un produit plus compact, plus adapté à la distribution en boutiques. Il n’y a que 6 figurines Super Exclusives, et si vous prenez un Late Pledge, vous ne les aurez certes pas, mais tous les scénarios que vous recevrez seront jouables et ne nécessiteront pas les « Super Exclusive ».

They certainly are. This is our modern take on the medieval idea of the danse macabre. You can see some medieval dancing skellies on the woodcut on the right of this page:
Our miniatures are in what we call Legendary Scale. This is half the height of the most common miniature scale generally used by companies like Games Workshop, Privateer Press, or CMON. For reference, in Legendary Scale, humans are about 16mm from the soles of their shoes to the top of their heads. By the same measure, the giants Gog and Magog are well over three times the height of a man at about 60-70mm (c2.5-3 inches) tall.
Our buildings are also made in Legendary Scale, to match the miniatures.

The church is 10cm (c4 inches) tall at its highest, and 10.6cm (c4 inches) long in its longest axis on the ground.

The big farmhouse is 6.3cm (c2.5 inches) at the highest point of the chimney, and 6.6cm (c2.5 inches) at its greatest length.

The small farmhouse is 4.3cm (Almost 2 inches) to the highest point of the chimney, and 5.6cm (c2 inches) along its longest axis on the ground.

Walls and stakes come in sections about 8cm (3 inches) long, to cover one side of a hex tile.
Each hex measures 16cm (c6 inches) from point to opposite point. This means that it is made up of six equilateral triangles with 8cm sides.
Given the nature of the game, solo rules are not something we will be doing as a general style of play. However, a small number of scenarios are written specifically for co-op and solo play, and some others may be adapted.
Each miniature has their own 15mm round base built in. These can be snapped into the multi-figure bases for play, and taken out again for storage. None of the scenarios in the core game need more multi-figure bases than you get in the core box, so the stretch goal minis do not come with them.

For anyone who would like sufficient bases to have every stretch goal miniature on its own base, this may be purchased as an add-on. Either $15 for just the bases, or as part of the $30 Plunder add-on bundle.
KSE means Kickstarter Exclusive. This means that the miniature in question will only be available during the Kickstarter process. Note that this does include the pledge manager.

Also, this limitation does not apply to any associated unit card, just the miniature(s). If any KSEs remain after we have supplied all our backers, we may use them as prizes in competitions, or sell them at events. They will never be available in retail.

Super Exclusives (SX) were only available to backers who took a Maiden pledge during the Kickstarter campaign. For those who did, they will receive one set per Maiden pledge, even if these were taken during the pledge manager.

If you did not take a Maiden pledge during the Kickstarter campaign, then these miniatures are not available in the pledge manager even if you select a Maiden pledge.

The SX will never be available at events, in retail, or anywhere else other than during the Kickstarter campaign.
After selecting your pledge level and any add-ons, you'll then be able to choose between French and English. If you'd like all your items in the same language, just use the drop-down box at the top of the page. If you'd like to customise your items to have some in French and some in English, you can do this via the drop-down boxes next to each item.
Early Bird discounts apply only to your first Maiden pledge. If you wish to purchase multiple Maiden pledges then the Early Bird discount is only applied to the first.
This is where you tell us what the money you pledged was for, and where you will pay for shipping. If you wish to add any items, then you can do this also and pay for the balance.
Yes you can. You have access to everything that is available in the campaign at the same price, except for the Super Exclusive miniatures which are not available in late pledges.
The bundles offered discounts on set items that were in the Kickstarter campaign, and they do not include any of the new add-ons made available for the first time here in the pledge manager.
These were items that we received many requests for from backers both during and after the Kickstarter campaign.
You will pay for your items and for shipping immediately when you check out. You can also return later if you wish to purchase more items. If doing this increases the shipping cost of your pledge, then you will also pay the difference at the same time.
Don't be concerned, Plunder is definitely part of your Legendary bundle. The reason it does not display is because the order summary screen shows you the add-ons you have bought, and the language selections you have made. You did not buy Plunder (you bought Legendary), and Plunder has no language selection to review, and so it does not display. It is definitely there as part of your bundle, though.

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc will ship in one wave, which is estimated to begin in December 2018. Both Kickstarter backers and late pledgers will pay for shipping here in this pledge manager. The shipping costs are calculated based upon the total weight of all items in the pledge. If additional items are later added to a pledge for which shipping has already been paid for, then this may increase the shipping costs, and the difference will be paid when paying for the additional items.

The European Union, USA, Canada, Brazil, and Australia zones are 'Shipping Friendly', and backers from these countries will not need to pay import taxes. Backers outside of these countries are responsible for any import taxes that may be applied.

Refund Policy

If a refund is required then please send an email to 'support@mythicgames.net'. Any refund given will be minus any processing fees from Kickstarter and Stripe as these are not refundable. Once we have begun to process and pack backer orders then refunds will no longer be available. If any part of an order cannot be delivered then a full refund will be issued for this part, including processing fees. This project is being funded in USD, any refunds processed will also be in the USD, and will be for the exact USD amount received, excluding any applicable fees depending on the time of the refund being processed.

Terms & Conditions

By pledging to this project you acknowledge that the final look, materials, and content of the rewards (and the project) are subject to change and may differ substantially from what was presented in the Kickstarter project, and in this pledge manager.

If you do not log in and confirm your pledge prior to the closing of the pledge manager, you agree that we have fulfilled our obligations to you in full for payment or donations received. However, we may, at our discretion, refund or ship your pledge if you contact us and confirm your pledge after the pledge manager.

If you confirm your pledge prior to the closing of the pledge, you agree that our responsibility to you is to ship your order as entered into the pledge manager, that title and risk passes to you upon delivery to a common carrier for such shipment, and you are responsible for import duties or any other duties that may be payable to the relevant tax authorities, providing correct address information, and ensuring this address is deliverable by normal methods. We regret we are unable to ship to PO Boxes.


© 2017 Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, and related logos and distinctive likenesses are trademarks or registered trademarks of Mythic Games. All rights reserved. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc Miniatures Board Game © 2017 - Mythic Games

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33 comments on the project

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Griffesapin wrote (14/02/2018 14:22)

Dorje: je te conseille de poster ici: les auteurs y passent régulièrement:


Dorje wrote (14/02/2018 08:53)

Ahhhhh... j'ai appuyé sur "entrée" par mégarde ! c'est pas le "fion" que je comptez écrire mais le "financement" :) :) Désolé donc pour le double post. Je voulais dire : Le financement participatif sur cette plateforme étant un grand succès et il reste encore 37 jours ! prévoyez-vous une augmentation du nombre de page du livre du jdr ? Please.... :)

Dorje wrote (14/02/2018 08:49)

Le fion

Laura wrote (26/01/2018 11:36)

@All: for shipping refunds, please contact support@mythicgames.net

@Espio : Pouvez-vous nous contacter directement sur contact@gameontabletop.com (ou en passant pas le formulaire de contact) avec les infos de votre mail lié à votre compte Kickstarter afin que nous puissions vous rétablir votre accès ?

espio wrote (25/01/2018 18:01)

Bonjour a tous.
Mon compte kickstarter n'a pas ete migre sur ce site, donc je ne peux pas utiliser le pledge manager.
Sur kickstarter j'utilise mon compte facebook (je pense que c'est du a ca que mon compte n'a pas ete migre.)
Y a t'il un moyen de corriger ca?

Shemuro wrote (24/01/2018 11:12)

Oui, ça a été corrigé, et du coup je me retrouve avec un crédit de 5¤ ! Si je ne fais rien, ce sera remboursé je suppose ?

Dohnar wrote (23/01/2018 22:04)

Visiblement cela a été corrigé pour les frais de port (voir la première phrase de mon précédent commentaire).

Nome wrote (23/01/2018 20:55)

Je plussoie Dohnar; les frais de port me paraissent aussi un peu élevés pour le JdR seul et freinent les achats (au moins le mien). D'où le jeu est-il distribué ?

Lamespard wrote (23/01/2018 16:18)

@ Littlerogue - le pb, c'est qu'il fait fortement envie, ce jeu, il a l'air génial.... mais mettre autant de billes sans avoir testé avant, ça fait forcément réfléchir. Dans d'autres FP, la somme est moins effrayante, on se dit qu'on peut se le permettre, mais là, on pourrait avoir tant d'autres jeux pour le même prix... C'est trop d'argent pour un KS. Bref, même hésitation ici...

Kyrill wrote (23/01/2018 15:57)

@Littlerogue, pas de soucis. Je comprend ton hésitation, je l'ai eu pendant toute la campagne. :-)

Littlerogue wrote (23/01/2018 08:14)

@Kyrill c'est bien noté, merci ! sache juste pour l'instant que j'hésite beaucoup à le garder ce pledge, j'essaie de me décider vite ...

Dohnar wrote (23/01/2018 07:50)

Il y a effectivement eu une erreur qui a été corrigée. Les fdp ont été réduits.

Apparemment acheter le jdr seul amène des frais de port de 15$ pour la France, cela fait très cher. N'y a-t-il pas moyen de réduire ça ? Car cela risque de décourager ceux qui sont intéressés par le jdr seul.

Jonathan wrote (23/01/2018 03:25)

Le pledge manager est ouvert pour 2 mois. Il n'est pas certain que les addons du kickstarer soient encore disponibles après.

Va-t-il etre possible d'acheter des expansion dans le future? Je ne peux me permettre de tous les avoir maintenant mais si on pouvais ce les procurer separement plus tard ca serais tres apprecier. Merci

Sigfrid wrote (22/01/2018 23:09)


Le mieux est que vous contactiez directement GameOn.

Bon, vu que sur KS et ici je n'ai pas les mêmes emails, on fait comment pour fusionner les deux ?

Kyrill wrote (22/01/2018 22:49)

@Littlerogue wrote:
Je serai intéressé par le rachat de ton pledge si c'est possible avec Mythic Games de faire un transfert de pledge.

sebr_d wrote (22/01/2018 22:36)

Merci pour la réponse rapide.

Littlerogue wrote (22/01/2018 22:36)

@Laura bien compris merci !

Laura wrote (22/01/2018 22:32)

@Littlerogue : Actuellement les transferts de pledge ne sont pas encore disponibles sur Game On. Il faudra donc voir directement avec Mythic Games!

Littlerogue wrote (22/01/2018 22:25)

@Laura ah oui merci :-) Sinon si je revend mon pledge à une heureuse personne qui aurait été hypée sur le tard (et qui aimerait profiter des super exclusives) vous effectuer un transfert de pledge ou c'est plus compliqué pour les projets non-BBE ?

Laura wrote (22/01/2018 22:22)

@sebr_d : Le companion en arms c'est juste une contrepartie te permettant d'acheter juste des options, sans le Maiden Pledge.

@Littlerogue : Il y a les conditions de remboursement en bas de la page du projet :)

sebr_d wrote (22/01/2018 22:20)

C'est quoi le companion in arms à 1 dollar ? Je ne le vois pas sur la listes des produits dans le pledge ? Merci.

Littlerogue wrote (22/01/2018 21:32)

Bon ... Supposons que je me sois laissé emporté par l'enthousiasme lors du kickstarter et que je sois à présent dépassé par la massivité de la chose (je suis du genre tout ou rien : soit toutes les options, soit rien du tout, et 40kg c'est pas rien quoi ....) et que de surplus je n'aurais jamais le temps d'y jouer. Quelles seraient les possibilités de remboursements (même avec malus) de mon pledge de base?

THIERRY CHAUVIN wrote (22/01/2018 21:25)

Colis de 24850 g pour 250 $
problème de conversion sur le poids ?
Avez vous ce problème ?

Lamespard wrote (22/01/2018 21:03)

Ouaip, ça tabasse pas mal le all-in... Je crois que je vais devoir revoir largement à la baisse : pas de quoi m'acheter un boeing en ce moment...
Mais toujours enthousiaste malgré tout ! Et de belles options proposées.

Don Quigeek wrote (22/01/2018 20:59)

@MRick : Te plains pas ! l'intégrale fait 40kg de colis pour le prix d'un boeing… ;)

MRick wrote (22/01/2018 20:55)

Bon par contre ça fait bizarre de payer ici en dollars, alors que sur le pledge d'à côté, j'ai payé mes options sur le Régent de Jade en ¤ !

MRick wrote (22/01/2018 20:53)

La vache plus de 11 kg le colis !
Je n'avais pas imaginé que ça serait aussi lourd, je croyais que les figurines étaient en plastique, pas en plomb !

Don Quigeek-942 wrote (22/01/2018 20:43)

@Laura : Si je comprends bien... ayant déjà un compte Game On avec une adresse mail différente de mon compte Kickstarter, il faut que je me crée un 2e compte sur Game On ?

Laura wrote (22/01/2018 20:38)

@All: Double check that you are connecting with the same e-mail address used on Kickstarter :)

Welcome everybody!

Thomas R wrote (22/01/2018 20:36)

Hello everybody and have fun during the PM ! :)

@Unnamed Did you register with the same email as the one you used during the kickstarter and by clicking on the link provided in today's email ? I did both and got my pledge and amount backed right.

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