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Torg Eternity: The Living Land

Ulisses North America

The Living Land continues the Possibility War started in Torg Eternity. Storm Knights rise to battle High Lord Baruk Kaah and his invading edeinos hordes. These supplements help you continue and expand your table-top role-playing game experience in the evolving world of Torg Eternity.

New to Torg? Scroll down to the section LEARN MORE ABOUT TORG and back the "Welcome to the Jungle" pledge level!

Best Value: The Living Land Survival Box - $180 + Shipping

For the best Living Land experience and the most value for your pledge check out the Living Land Survival Box. It is the most convenient way to get all of the core items in this Kickstarter, and much more! Survival Box backers will be the first to get their hands on many great accessories and additional products.

You can see the items pictured below, or read a summary of everything that ended up in the Survival Box here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1216685848/torg-eternity-the-living-land/posts/2167588

Looking for other ways to participate? Here are the rest of the available reward levels:

Living Land Digital Only - $40

Digital files only of all this Kickstarter's products and unlocked digital stretch goals.
Living Land Sourcebook (PDF)
The God Box Adventure (PDF)
The Living Land GM Screen (PDF)
The Living Land Archetypes (PDF)
All Unlocked Digital Stretch Goals (PDF or other digital formats) - see the reward level or the unlocked stretch goal list below

Living Land Player - $50 + Shipping

A print copy of the Living Land Sourcebook, plus a digital copy of all the items for this Kickstarter and all unlocked digital stretch goals.

The Living Land Sourcebook (Print and PDF)
The Living Land GM Screen (PDF)
The Living Land Archetypes (PDF)
The God Box Adventure (PDF)
All Unlocked Digital Stretch Goals (PDF or other digital formats) - see the reward level or the unlocked stretch goal list below

Welcome to the Jungle - $90 + Shipping

New to Torg? Start here. This tier offers the core rulebook and Drama Deck (required for play) in print, plus the Living Land sourcebook and 32 character archetypes in PDF. Check out our Add-Ons if you want more! Please note that stretch goals are not included in this tier.

Torg Eternity Core Rulebook (Print)
Torg Eternity Drama Deck
Living Land Sourcebook (PDF)
Torg Eternity Core Archetypes (PDF)
The Living Land Archetypes (PDF)

Torg Eternity Cargo Box Flashback - $220 + Shipping

Missed it the first time around? This reward level is just for the monstrous Torg Eternity Cargo Box from the original Kickstarter. No Living Land material is included. Also available as an Add-On or with the "All In" pledge level if you want to visit the Living Land too!

Torg Eternity Core Rulebook (Print and PDF)
Torg Eternity GM Screen (Print and PDF)
Torg Eternity Core Archetypes (Print and PDF)
Day One Adventures (Print and PDF)
Delphi Missions: Rising Storm (Print and PDF)
Torg Eternity Day 1 and Day 90 Zone Maps
Torg Eternity Drama Deck
Torg Eternity Dice (2 d20s, 2 d6s)
Torg Eternity Counter Sheet
Torg Eternity Threat Blips
Torg Eternity High-grade Ceramic Possibility Chips
Torg Eternity Oversize Threat Card Standees (Print and PDF)
Torg Eternity Soundtrack CD (and MP3)
Torg Eternity Character Journals (Print and PDF)
Plus a few more digital goodies from the original Kickstarter!

Torg Eternity and Living Land: All In - $400 + Shipping

Perfect for those who missed the original Torg Eternity Kickstarter and want to make the most of this one. Contains the Living Land Suvival Box and the Torg Eternity Cargo Box. The original Cargo Box isn't available through normal channels and contains the bonus stretch goals for original Kickstarter pledge.

INCLUDES everything listed above in the Cargo Box and Survival Box reward levels!

campaign image 3

The Living Land is a realm of primitive peril, savage sensuality, and dangerous dinosaurs. It's ruled by High Lord Baruk Kaah and his army of reptilian edeinos. The Living Land has come to Earth and taken over both coasts of the United States, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and the mysterious "White Zone" in Canada.

campaign image 4

Where the Living Land rules miraculous spiritual power is available, but technology rusts and fails. Ordinary humans, and even some heroes, regress and become ruled by their primal passions.

There are amazing opportunities scattered among the Living Land's perils. The Law of Wonders insures that lost treasures appear in the misty and unexplored jungles. These treasures might have disappeared from Earth long ago or they may be relics from cosms destroyed by the High Lords. Whatever their different origins, they are resurfacing here and now, for any adventurers bold enough to discover them!

campaign image 5

Do you dare traverse the treacherous jungles, murky swamps, and crumbling ruins of this mysterious realm?

Even the plants of the Living Land pose a challenge to explorers.

Even the plants of the Living Land pose a challenge to explorers.

campaign image 7

The Living Land source book is an expansion designed for both players and Game Masters. Inside you'll find:

  • New Perks and Miracles for advancing characters. Includes options only available to Beta Clearance Storm Knights, as they learn more about their own abilities and the nature of reality.
  • More gear designed for the harsh environment and primitive conditions of the Living Land, including trained dinosaurs for riding!
  • An extensive status update for the default timeline. See the course of the first year of the Possibility Wars and the toll it's taken on North America. Includes a list of ongoing Delphi Council operations and who's who in the Living Land theater of the war.
  • Facts and rumors about the edeinos. New options for edeinos player characters, and more information on the strongest clans and their goals. Get the statistics for the Saar himself, as Baruk Kaah enters the fray to take care of business personally!
  • New threats. Thrakmoss and his undead hordes are detailed. Discover cryptids, dinosaurs, gospog, and other strange denizens of the Living Land. Over forty new foes in all, suitable for Storm Knights of various experience levels!
  • Adventure generation tables help produce missions, adventures, lost worlds, and more!

campaign image 8

The God Box is a massive adventure suitable for several months of gaming. Start off in besieged Washington D.C. and follow a trail of evil across (and under) the realm that threatens the goddess of life and sensation herself: Lanala! Don't miss the climactic Wedding of Baruk Kaah! The God Box also includes expanded material and foes for the Land Below, handy for any GM's continuing campaigns.

campaign image 9

The Living Land GM Screen has three panels. On the inside, all the most needed charts from Torg Eternity in addition to the new charts specific to adventures in the Living Land. The outside features a single, gorgeous seamless image and the axioms and World Laws players need to remember.

campaign image 10

The Living Land Archetypes come with the GM Screen, and offer new stock heroes to draw from to fill the ranks of your Storm Knights. Meet the Blood Witch, a Core Earth native who has embraced the increased spiritual power of the Living Land, the Cartel Soldier, the Edeinos Wanderer, and more!

campaign image 11

campaign image 12

We've grouped some of our previously unlocked goals by category so that you can keep track of them more easily, and so we can focus on what's coming up.

Any series of goals that is not yet finished has been left in the list below the summaries. As we finish each series, we'll remove those items from the list and summarize them as well.

campaign image 13

campaign image 14

You can see all the sample cards we had originally posted here in this album on our Facebook page.

campaign image 15

campaign image 16

campaign image 17

You can see all four sample maps in this update.

campaign image 18

campaign image 19

campaign image 20

$175,000 – Axiom Shift! (UNLOCKED!)

The Living Land changes forever. Baruk Kaah has been scheming to boost one of his axioms. We’ll poll the backers for which axiom he increases: Social, Technological, or none—he’s stopped by Storm Knights!

campaign image 21

$200,000 – Expanded Free Acrylic Blip Pack! (UNLOCKED!)

We’ll add extra acrylic enemy blips from the Living Land to the sampler in every Survival Box. This is roughly the equivalent of one of the packs, and features dinosaurs and edeinos warriors that are the most useful to have duplicates of.

Wow! This is it for stretch goals, we’ve blown past every plan and expectation we had. Thank you all so much!

campaign image 22

If you'd like extra copies of an item or would like to add a product from another pledge tier to your order, you may use the list below. You can add the amounts listed to your pledge level now, or wait until we send out links to the pledge manager. Note: Additions made in the pledge manager don't count towards unlocking new Stretch Goals.

Shipping for Add Ons is not included in these prices, so there may be some adjustments depending on the specific items and whether or not it affects the size of the shipping container. You'll also be charged additional shipping if you pledge for a digital level and later want any physical items.

Here's what you can Add On right now...Look for more as you help us fight the Reality Raiders and reveal special Unlockable Add-Ons.

Living Land Sourcebook

You can order extra copies of the Living Land sourcebook, or upgrade your copy to either the blue leatherette Deluxe Edition or brown leather Limited Edition. The Limited Edition is only available through this Kickstarter. The Deluxe Edition isn't sold at retail outlets, but will be available at certain conventions and through our webstore...while supplies last!

Please Note - For this campaign, these editions are add-on only, so you must order Deluxe and Limited Editions separately! You will not be able to upgrade a hardcover to a premium edition in an existing pledge. (Living Land Explorer and Destroyer levels come with both a hardcover and a Limited Edition book.)

campaign image 23

  • Living Land Sourcebook (144 pages, full-color, hardback book): Add $40 to your pledge for each extra book
  • Blue Leatherette Deluxe Edition: Add $65 to your pledge for each Deluxe book
  • Brown Leather Limited Edition: Add $90 to your pledge for each Limited book

Living Land GM Screen

The GM Screen Add-On includes the Living Land character archetypes (physical and digital). A great way to set the tone for your game and help your players jump into Torg Eternity and the Living Land right away! The World Laws and axioms are on the front as a reminder to players.

  • GM Screen + Printed Archetypes: Add $20 to your pledge

The God Box Adventure

Just need a copy of Shane Hensley's epic adventure, The God Box? No problem, we've got you covered. Add the listed price to your pledge for each book you need. Remember that shipping is included if you're already receiving physical items, but it's not if your pledge is digital only.

  • The God Box (112 page, full-color, hardback book): Add $35 to your pledge for each extra book

campaign image 24

Delphi Missions: Living Land

This 80-page, hardcover adventure book collects all of the celebrity adventures listed above. It's the perfect companion to the Delphi Missions: Rising Storm and a great way for your Storm Knights to experience the variety that the Living Land has to offer!

Note - This unlocked add-on is included as part of the Survival Box.

campaign image 25

  • Delphi Missions: Living Land: Add $25 to your pledge

campaign image 26

Living Land Booster Deck

Enhance your stay in the Living Land with 10 additional Cosm Cards, 5 extra Destiny Cards, and a whole separate Drama Deck of 40 cards designed with extra effects to bring the unique features of the savage realm of Baruk Kaah!

Note - This unlocked add-on is included as part of the Survival Box.

  • Living Land Booster Deck: Add $10 to your pledge.

Living Land Possibilities

Players in Torg Eternity use "Possibilities" to affect their die rolls and soak damage. This gorgeous pack of ceramic chips allows your group to track their Possibilities in style! Each of the TWENTY chips in this pack is a custom ceramic poker chip featuring the creatures, Storm Knights, and other art themed specifically for the Living Land.

campaign image 27

  • Possibility Chips: Add $20 to your pledge

Living Land Survival Box

The Survival Box is a Ulisses Exclusive not available in regular retail channels. It comes in a sturdy, high-quality box to contain all your new Torg goodness. The box includes the Living Land Source Book, Living Land GM Screen, Living Land Archetypes, Delphi Missions: Living Land, Living Land themed Possibility Chips, new Threat Card Standees, new Threat Blips, a Living Land themed Character Journal pack, another sheet of counters, and the now-unlocked Living Land Booster Deck! Stretch goals add even more content and value to the box, so don't miss this one-time only price!

  • Living Land Survival Box: Add $180 to your pledge

campaign image 28

Living Land Map Pack 1

campaign image 29

A double-sided, 24” x 30” folded map with a coating suitable for dry-erase markers. One side is the Flooded Overpass map and the other is the Jungle Chasm map.

Note - This unlocked add-on is not included as part of the Survival Box.

  • Living Land Map Pack 1: Add $15 to your pledge

campaign image 30

Living Land Map Pack 2

campaign image 31

A double-sided, 24” x 30” folded map with a coating suitable for dry-erase markers. One side is the Lost World map and the other is the Overgrown City Street map.

Note - This unlocked add-on is not included as part of the Survival Box.

  • Living Land Map Pack 2: Add $15 to your pledge

campaign image 32

Acrylic Blip Bundles

(See Update #11 for more information about these awesome token sets! Pictures below are samples only, not final contents.)

Blip Bundle #1 - Torg Eternity Starter Set
$40 (Save $10)

campaign image 33

This bundle is meant to cover the basics. The Storm Knights and Allies and High Lords and Stelae packs feature mostly unique characters, while reinforcement packs like the Gospog contain a horde of 25 30mm blips. The Counters and Tokens contains a little over 30 pieces, and the High Lords and Stelae pack has 16—10 of which are large 50mm blips.

  • Counters and Tokens
  • Storm Knights and Allies
  • High Lords and Stelae
  • Core Earth Threats and Allies
  • Gospog of the First Planting

Blip Bundle #2 - Living Land
$40 (Save $10)

campaign image 34

This bundle sets you up with everything you need for adventuring in the Living Land. Different edeinos clans, new archetypes, and of course more dinosaurs! Packs vary between 19 and 26 tokens depending on the sizes included. These packs also include our massive 80mm Very Large blips for foes like the mighty Tyrannosaurus.

  • Living Land Threats
  • Living Land Personalities
  • Living Land Minions of Baruk Kaah
  • Living Land Reinforcements
  • Living Land Minions of Rec Stalek

Blip Bundle #3 - Reality Raiders
$50 (Save $10)

campaign image 35

The Reality Raiders bundle features the primary foes from the Core sourcebook for each of the other cosms. Dragons and Jiangshi and Technodemons—oh my! We'll offer more from each cosm as we get to them, but this will get you started. Each packet has between 19 and 25 tokens, again based on the sizes inside. A 50mm Large token counts as two standard 30mm tokens, and an 80mm Very Large counts as four.

  • Aysle Threats
  • Cyberpapacy Threats
  • Nile Empire Threats
  • Orrorsh Threats
  • Pan Pacifica Threats
  • Tharkold Threats
Note - These unlocked add-ons are not included as part of the Survival Box, though we will include a sampler pack.
  • Blip Bundle #1: Add $40 to your pledge
  • Blip Bundle #2: Add $40 to your pledge
  • Blip Bundle #3: Add $50 to your pledge

campaign image 36

Living Land Soundtrack CD

campaign image 37

The Living Land Soundtrack is another masterwork by Ralf Kurtsiefer and Orkpack, who also created the soundtrack for the original Torg Eternity Kickstarter. In addition to ambient sound and music that works well with any Living Land adventure, the tracks are specifically designed to correspond to chapters and scenes in The God Box adventure!

Note - This unlocked add-on is included as part of the Survival Box. Also, all backers receiving digital rewards will receive a digital copy of this soundtrack. Select this add-on only if you want the physical CD and are not getting a Survival Box.

  • Living Land Soundtrack CD: Add$18 to your pledge

Torg Eternity Core Rules

Missed the Kickstarter for the core book? Not to worry, Storm Knight, we've got you covered! This gorgeous, 280 page book contains info on all the cosms, character creation, Perks, gear, and creatures you'll need to play your Living Land campaign!

campaign image 38

  • Torg Core Rules (280 pages, full-color, hardback book): Add $50 to your pledge
  • Blue Leatherette Deluxe Edition: Add $75 to your pledge

Drama Deck

Need a copy of the new Torg Eternity Drama Deck? It's crucial to game play as it controls initiative, introduces special conditions, lists Approved Actions that encourages players to attempt Taunts, Tricks, Maneuvers, and other interactions, AND contains special steps for Torg's revolutionary Dramatic Skill Resolution! The box also includes the Destiny Deck for players and the innovative Cosm Cards.

campaign image 39

  • Torg Eternity Drama Deck: Add $25 to your pledge

Dice Pack

Fans of the original Torg remember how special those red and blue d20s were, and that they were rumored to have been manufactured by accident so the exact formula couldn't be repeated! The Torg Eternity dice are similar to those treasured d20s and include two "Bonus Dice," six-sided dice numbered from one to ... well... eternity!

  • Dice Pack (Two d20's, two Bonus Dice): Add $10 to your pledge for each pack

The Torg Eternity Cargo Box

Did you miss it last time around? The Cargo Box is a special product from the core Torg Eternity Kickstarter. It's a monster that includes the Core Rulebook, Day One adventures, Delphi Missions: Rising Storm, the GM Screen, dice, the original Soundtrack, Threat Cardsand Threat Blips for the core foes, two sheets of Condition Counters, the Campaign Map, and the cosm Table Tents. These components play well with the Living Land Survival Box, so here's your chance to catch up!

  • Torg Eternity Cargo Box: Add $220 to your pledge

campaign image 40

campaign image 41

campaign image 42

Shipping is calculated by your Pledge Level and location. Click "Back This Project" and enter your information to see the total before you commit to the final pledge.

We have shipping centers in Germany and the US, plus a distribution partner in Australia. This allows us to assure that we are US, EU, and Australia-friendly. We also have a partner in China (VFI Asia), which means many locations in Asia and the Pacific Rim are cheaper, though not all customs for those countries may be covered. Other locations will be more expensive based on how difficult it is to ship from those four centers.

Please Note - The Survival Box and Cargo Box are very heavy. The Cargo Box weighs in at 16 pounds (7.26 kg). We do our best to make packing and shipping these products economical, but we are limited by simple practicalities of size and weight.

campaign image 43

About Us

For Retailers Only - Contact us here to find out more about the Retailer Advantage Program.

Torg Eternity is developed by Ulisses North America, the English-language division of Ulisses Spiele and publisher of The Dark Eye.

You can find numerous articles with rules previews in the Torg section of our website. If you are interested in more in-depth discussion, please join our forums!

You can also follow us on social media:

Our core design team consists of Shane Lacy Hensley, Ross Watson, Darrell Hayhurst, Dean Gilbert, Timothy Brown, and Markus Plötz. Their full bios are available on the Ulisses North America site.

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