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Skeleton Hand

Raid Boss is a 1-4 player tabletop battle puzzle designed like a strategy RPG. It keeps all of the cooperative teamwork, combos, and collaboration, but none of the endless grinding!

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This world, ruled by Tyr, has become warped and embattled. The shifting Void, along with antagonism from fellow Creators, Berdea, Reika, and Akeri, has left this universe in a state of turmoil. Emergent heroes, the Incarnates, struggle to gain autonomy in this reality, rallying forces and overturning the destructive whim of their Creators.

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You control a Hero with a mechanically distinct and heavily themed set of abilities. Each Hero has an Assist that can be used at ANY time -- including other players’ turns! Gather your team to face off against stalwart, quirky, and skill-testing Bosses that come equipped with their own special deck of cards.

There are currently 12 playable Heroes and 6 Bosses to challenge, each lavishly illustrated, giving you a wealth of content and variety of challenges.

Raid Boss has flexibility that allows you to devise incredibly clever skill sequences. Game-ending threats soon become trivial as you experiment and gain experience, allowing you to tackle devious and puzzle-like advanced Bosses.

Find us on social media! Your 'likes' help us immensely!

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-- Please refer to our FAQ for more details on the Boss Minion pledge level.

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Rulebook (in progress)

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Every backer is important to us, regardless of location, but the reality is that shipping is very expensive and is a cost we all need to share. We always work at minimizing the cost of shipping as much as possible and will be providing a substantial shipping discount to ALL backers regardless of region. We will charge shipping after the campaign ends through our pledge manager. We've done our best to streamline and simplify the shipping for this campaign as much as possible and will be offering the best possible prices we can:

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We love playing together as a community, which means we also love to support local gaming stores. If you're a brick & mortar retailer, we can offer:

  • 5 or more copies of the game at 50% of MSRP.
  • A free demonstration copy, for maximum in-store mayhem and chaos.
  • Discounted shipping in the US.

Retail pledges will receive the Kickstarter version of the game with all unlocked stretch goals included.

Retail pledges must:

  • Verify they are a brick & mortar store. (No online retailers or bulk-discount programs.)
  • Acknowledge that fulfillment for the retail tier will be congruent with fulfillment for individual backers.

To get involved, please back at the retailer pledge tier then email raidbossgame@gmail.com to verify your store and finalize full payment & delivery.

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So, first thing I want all backers to be clear on: We're not going to compromise the vision of the game for visual gags that are only meaningful to a few. Instead, this is an opportunity to participate in our creation process and help create some really cool designs you know you were part in making.

After we receive the reference photos and a brief description of what sort of powers the backer would like their minion to have, we'll go into a design phase. The minions need to complement each other in deck, and enhance the balance of the game, so of course, final decisions will go to the design team. However, backers will receive a sketch of their character for revision notes, we'll incorporate the notes, and produce final lines for approval. For coloring and other details we will consider preferences, but will need to work with the contents ultimately.

The goal is to create a suite of awesome characters to battle against in Raid Boss for everyone to enjoy! Please refer to the campaign graphics or our Facebook page for more detailed examples.

Yes! Ours are broader and thicker with a tighter fit, which specifically works because Raid Boss character cards undergo a thick lamination that keeps the cards immune from wear that the more rugged sliders would inflict on bare cardboard.

We like this option because players are frequently moving and sharing information, snacking and drinking, and flipping their character over to check the included supplemental information off-turn. We never want to pause the action because some stats were jarred, or because a player needs to consult the rulebook mid-game.

Once players have become experts with their favorite characters, they may want to mix up how that character plays, or shift the character's role based on the team composition versus the Boss's puzzles. Like gaining dice, Skill Tree cards are a form of character progression, but further, modification.

For instance, the Nizari has no healing in his default kit. Certain Skill Cards may allow him to convert damage to healing at the expense of his Vanish technique. Or, his ability to Cheat Death is usually impaired by having too high an HP pool, which is limiting on certain teams, so you might level into a Skill Card that modifies that mechanic.

It's a beefier stretch goal because there would be considerable development in the balance (the concepts and materials are already there), and additional art assets would be required. It's a great addition for players who become really loyal to a few certain heroes, or who love deep team-building!

Yes! We don't want to give anything away, but there are major events in the fiction that change how you know and experience the characters, and substantial new media that indulges that narrative.

Also, the Raid Boss ruleset is highly modular, and you can expect cross-over characters and events from some of your other favorite indie games in future installments. Additionally, your original Raid Boss set will always be compatible with future content.

Since Raid Boss is cooperative at its core, no additional rules are required, players will just need to handle more Heroes:

4-player: 1 hero each
3-player: 1 hero each, and the most experienced player has 2, or, rotate control of 4th hero each round (especially suitable if you make the 4th a support style character)
2-player: 2 heroes each
1-player: Command the whole team! This is a great mode for players that enjoy the number crunching and battle puzzles of SRPGs, like Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, King's Bounty, etc.

While we have no doubt that intrepid players will devise their own house rules that facilitate a player-controlled Boss, Raid Boss is designed for the Boss to challenge the players autonomously.

Though that may not be the end of it... :D

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Risks and challenges

This is our first board game campaign but we are collaborating with GameOn Tabletop to manage our fulfillment as well as our late pledge.

- The vast majority of art assets are complete and ready for final printing.
- We are working with an amazing manufacturer with extensive experience in board game production.

We are confident that we will be able to deliver Raid Boss to you on time, and of the highest possible quality. Moreover, we will have regular updates on the progress of the project, and we promise to read every single comment and be ready to answer any questions from our backers.

Thank you for your amazing support!

The Skeleton Hand Team

  • Unique Hero Dice Sblocca a $ 20.000

    One or more unique Special Hero Dice for each and every Hero!

  • Skill Trees Sblocca a $ 22.000

    2 Skill Trees for each of the unlocked Heroes.

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      Raid Boss

      Raid Boss Skeleton Hand

      A Tabletop Cooperative RPG Boss Battle for 1-4 Heroes in the fantasy-punk world of Incarnate.


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