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Torg Eternity: Nile Empire

Ulisses North America

The Nile Empire continues the Possibility War started in Torg Eternity. Storm Knights rise to battle High Lord Mobius and his invading legions of shocktroopers. These supplements help you continue and expand your table-top role-playing game experience in the evolving world of Torg Eternity.

New to Torg? Scroll down to the section LEARN MORE ABOUT TORG to find out more and get started!

Best Value: The Nile Empire Sarcophagus

For the best Nile Empire experience and the most value for your pledge check out the Nile Empire Sarcophagus. It is the most convenient way to get all of the core items in this Kickstarter, plus much more! Returning backer? If you backed the Living Land at any level we'll add a special 32 page booklet to your Sarcophagus with material from the Web-Only extras in print for the first time!

The Nile Empire is a realm of thrilling heroics, dastardly villains, and the heightened action and drama of pulp serials! It's ruled by High Lord Mobius —Pharaoh Mobius to the transformed citizens of his empire, or Doctor Mobius to those who knew him as a master villain in his home cosm of Terra. His empire now extends to Earth, where he rules from Egypt to the Congo. His goose-stepping hordes have expanded west into Libya and east into Saudi Arabia.

Within Mobius' domain magic, miracles, and wondrous weird science prevails. The technology of the empire is roughly that of 1930's Earth, but the realm's World Laws allow for rayguns and fantastic inventions that would be impossible with normal technology.

High Lord Mobius and his evil legions are extremely powerful, but they didn't come to Earth alone. He comes from a cosm of masked crime fighters and heroic deeds. Some of these Mystery Men followed Doctor Mobius from Terra, and others have been created as Storm Knights transcended all across Africa during the invasion.

The Nile Empire source book is an expansion designed for both players and Game Masters. Inside you'll find:

  • New Perks, Spells, Miracles, and Pulp Powers for advancing characters. Includes options only available to Beta Clearance Storm Knights, as they learn more about their own abilities and the nature of reality.
  • More gear designed to take advantage of the Weird Science available in the realm, including the powerful Rocket Ranger battle suits!
  • An extensive status update for the default timeline. See the course of the first year of the Possibility Wars and the toll it's taken on Africa and the Middle East. Includes a list of ongoing Delphi Council operations and who's who in the Nile Empire theater of the war.
  • The disposition and battle tactics of the Nile Empire's war machine and major henchmen. Get the statistics for the Pharaoh himself, as Doctor Mobius plots and schemes his way to the top. Heroes beware!
  • New threats. Gangsters struggle to claim a piece of the action, monsters of legend appear across the land, and masked super villains rise to prove their worth to Mobius or take some of his power for themselves. Over thirty new foes in all, suitable for Storm Knights of various experience levels!
  • Obstacle generation tables help raise the stakes and keep the action exciting, and more!

The Fires of Ra is a massive adventure suitable for several months of gaming. Start off in free Venice where a group of villains attempt to steal an ancient treasure, and get swept up in Mobius' machinations all across Africa. Can you find a weakness to his ultimate war-machine before it's campaign of terror destroys all resistance in the region?

The Nile Empire GM Screen has three panels. On the inside, all the most needed charts from Torg Eternity in addition to the new charts specific to adventures in the Nile Empire. The outside features a single, gorgeous seamless image and the axioms and World Laws players need to remember.

The Nile Empire Archetypes come within the GM Screen, and offer new stock heroes to draw from to fill the ranks of your Storm Knights. Meet the Vengeful Hero, a transformed vigilante who has lost too much to Mobius' cruel invasion, the Nile Engineer, who uses a blend of science and magic unique to the realm, the Pulp Sorcerer, and more!

We unlocked dozens of stretch goals during the initial Kickstarter campaign. If you back through Game On Tabletop, you'll get everything included in your pledge level! If you want to see the whole list, head to the Kickstarter page.

But we also promised our Kickstarter backers that any goals that we revealed but did not unlock during the campaign could be unlocked here! Here are the ones we still have left:

If you'd like extra copies of an item or would like to add a product from another pledge tier to your order, you may use the list below. All of these items will show up when you manage your pledge.

Note that shipping is not added per-item, but is based on an artificial threshhold of items that roughly matches the reward tiers.

Nile Empire Sourcebook

You can order extra copies of the Nile Empire sourcebook, or upgrade your copy to either the blue leatherette Deluxe Edition or indigo leather Limited Edition. The Limited Edition is only available through this Kickstarter. The Deluxe Edition isn't sold at retail outlets, but will be available at certain conventions and through our webstore...while supplies last!

  • Nile Empire Sourcebook (144 pages, full-color, hardback book): Add $40 to your pledge for each extra book
  • Blue Leatherette Deluxe Edition: Add $25 to your pledge for each Deluxe book upgrade
  • Indigo Leather Limited Edition: Add $75 to your pledge for each Limited book upgrade

Nile Empire GM Screen

The GM Screen Add-On includes the Nile Empire character archetypes (physical and digital). A great way to set the tone for your game and help your players jump into Torg Eternity and the Nile Empire right away! The World Laws and axioms are on the front as a reminder to players.

  • GM Screen + Printed Archetypes: Add $25 to your pledge

The Fires of Ra Adventure

Just need a copy of the epic adventure, The Fires of Ra? Just add the listed price to your pledge. Pledging at the Sourcebook level and adding the adventure as an Add-On is a great option for a player who just wants the books but none of the extras. Remember that shipping is included if you're already receiving physical items, but it's not if your pledge is digital only.

  • The Fires of Ra (112 page, full-color, hardback book): Add $35 to your pledge for each extra book

Nile Empire Possibility Tokens

20 Nile Empire Possibility chips, each with unique character art on one side, and the Nile Empire's Cosm symbol on the reverse side. We’ll add a unique “energy signature” to Nile Empire Possibility Energy with a special in-game effect!

  • Nile Empire Possibility Tokens (20, poker chip size): Add $20 to your pledge for each extra set

Cracking Tales of the Nile Empire

A collection of short stories from the original Torg, edited and update to fit in with Torg Eternity. Featuring the original ending for Shane Hensley's tale "Dead End" and a few more surprises!

  • Cracking Tales of the Nile Empire (240 pages, 8.5" by 5.5" softcover): Add $10 to your pledge for each copy

Delphi Missions: The Nile Empire

A collection of one-night adventures from a mix of talented authors, including some fresh faces and many returning veterans of the Possibility Wars.

  • Delphi Missions: The Nile Empire (80 pages, hardcover): Add $25 to your pledge for each copy

All Rolled-Up Nile Empire Dice Tray

A foldable neoprene dice-rolling tray from our partners at All-Rolled-Up. The snaps allow the tray to fold flat with the art inside, or pinch at the corners to make the tray.

  • Nile Empire Dice Tray (Neoprene): Add $15 to your pledge for each tray

Map Packs

Foldable, double-sided game maps Printed on heavy stock with a gloss coating suitable for use with dry-erase markers, and with a 1" square grid overlay.

  • Nile Empire Maps 1 (Double-sided 24x30" dry erase, folded): Add $15 to your pledge for each copy added. The Anubis Club on one side and the Dreamland Studious on the other.
  • Nile Empire Maps 2 (Double-sided 24x30" dry erase, folded): Add $15 to your pledge for each copy added. The Dig Site on one side and the Souk Showdown on the other

  • Living Land Maps 1 (Double-sided 24x30" dry erase, folded): Add $15 to your pledge for each copy added. Maps are the Flooded Overpass and the Jungle Chasm.
  • Living Land Maps 2 (Double-sided 24x30" dry erase, folded): Add $15 to your pledge for each copy added. Maps are the Lost World caves and the Overgrown Street.

Nile Empire Booster Deck

A deck of 55 cards that expand or replace the standard Torg Eternity Drama Deck. 40 of teh cards are a complete Nile Empire themed Drama deck, featuring specific round by round effects that bring out the best in Mobius' domain. The other 15 cards are extensions to the base deck: 5 new Destiny cards and 10 new Nile Empire Cosm cards. Included the Sarcophagus box and above, but if you have another pledge level and would like physically printed cards grab this add-on!

  • Nile Empire Booster Deck (55 Cards): Add $15 to your pledge for each copy added

Acrylic Tokens

A new set of premium threat blips. Minions of Mobius contains two 50mm Gospog of the Fifth Planting, two 50mm Gospog of the Fourth Planting, five each of the 25mm Gospog of the Second and Third Plantings, three flying Scarab Shocktroopers, three Elite Shocktroopers, and a Shocktrooper Officer. The Nile Empire Threats set from the previous campaign will also be available in the pledge manager, which contains 20 Shocktroopers, 5 Crocodiles, and a Masked Marauder.

  • Minions of Mobius (21 acrylic tokens): Add $15 to your pledge for each set added (new)
  • Pulp Heroes and Villains (26 acrylic tokens): Add $15 to your pledge for each set added (new)
  • Nile Empire Threats (26 acrylic tokens): Add $15 to your pledge for each set added (previously available)
  • Storm Knights and Allies (26 acrylic tokens): Add $15 to your pledge for each set added (previously available)
  • All the Rest! (14 packs of acrylic tokens): Add $180 to your pledge for every token set except for the ones listed above.

Torg Eternity Core Rules

Missed the Kickstarter for the core book? Not to worry, Storm Knight, we've got you covered! This gorgeous, 280 page book contains info on all the cosms, character creation, Perks, gear, and creatures you'll need to play your Living Land campaign!

  • Torg Core Rules (280 pages, full-color, hardback book): Add $50 to your pledge
  • Blue Leatherette Deluxe Edition: Add $75 to your pledge

Drama Deck

Need a copy of the new Torg Eternity Drama Deck? It's crucial to game play as it controls initiative, introduces special conditions, lists Approved Actions that encourages players to attempt Taunts, Tricks, Maneuvers, and other interactions, AND contains special steps for Torg's revolutionary Dramatic Skill Resolution! The box also includes the Destiny Deck for players and the innovative Cosm Cards.

  • Torg Eternity Drama Deck: Add $25 to your pledge

Dice Pack

Fans of the original Torg remember how special those red and blue d20s were, and that they were rumored to have been manufactured by accident so the exact formula couldn't be repeated! The Torg Eternity dice are similar to those treasured d20s and include two "Bonus Dice," six-sided dice numbered from one to ... well... eternity!

  • Dice Pack (Two d20's, two Bonus Dice): Add $10 to your pledge for each pack

The Torg Eternity Cargo Box

Did you miss it last time around? The Cargo Box is a special product from the core Torg Eternity Kickstarter. It's a monster that includes the Core Rulebook, Day One adventures, Delphi Missions: Rising Storm, the GM Screen, dice, the original Soundtrack, Threat Cardsand Threat Blips for the core foes, two sheets of Condition Counters, the Campaign Map, and the cosm Table Tents.

  • Torg Eternity Cargo Box: Add $220 to your pledge

The Living Land Survival Box

Catch up on other invasions happening around the globe! The Living Land Survival Box is a special product that includes the Living Land sourcebook, The God Box epic adventure from Torg Eternity lead writer Shane Hensely, Delphi Missions: The Living Land, the GM Screen, dice, the Soundtrack to the God Box, Threat Cards and Threat Blips for the new foes, and more!

  • Torg Eternity Survival Box: Add $200 to your pledge

The "High Lords" came from other cosms—other realities—conquerors joined together to steal the Earth’s living energy…to consume its very Possibilities! The High Lords impose their reality and transform everything within, draining the Earth of its Possibilities in the hopes that one of them will become an ancient and all-powerful being called the "Torg!"

Earth is not defenseless. The player characters are "Storm Knights," heroes from all the cosms who fight against the High Lords. They use magic, technology, miracles, and even super powers against the Reality Raiders and their endless minions.

Join the fight and you can play a monster hunter from Orrorsh armed with alchemical creations, magical medals, or a "Slayer's Gun" loaded with various bullets carved with cryptic runes…a heretical cyberwitch decked out with spells and stolen cyberware...a dwarven "Dragon Warrior" with enchanted armor forged with amazing enhancements and steam-powered devices of doom...an "Electric Samurai" armed with high-tech "Ion Gusoko" armor and ion-charged katana... a psychic survivor who uses demonic Occultech...an mystical edeinos who can call on the miracles of a fierce and powerful goddess whose interventions are very real...a stalwart Core Earther, a realm runner who can negate your enemies' powers... or a pulp hero of the Nile Empire detailed above!

And so much more!

Each cosm in Torg Eternity doesn't just feel different, it plays different thanks to its Axioms (Magical, Social, Spiritual, and Technological) that define what can exist there, and most importantly its World Laws, rules that reinforce the genre and trope of the place.

To get started, you only need these Add-Ons:

  • The Torg Eternity core rules. Add $50 to your pledge to get the core rulebook. It has all the base rules you need to play and build characters from all the cosms.
  • The Torg Eternity Drama Deck. Torg’s unique gameplay requires the Drama Deck, which controls combat initiative and gives the heroes amazing options and opportunities. Add $20 to your pledge.

Shipping is calculated by your Pledge Level and location. Click "Back This Project" and enter your information to see the total before you commit to the final pledge.

We have shipping centers in Germany and the US, plus a distribution partner in Australia. This allows us to assure that we are US, EU, and Australia-friendly. We also have a partner in China (VFI Asia), which means many locations in Asia and the Pacific Rim are cheaper, though not all customs for those countries may be covered. Other locations will be more expensive based on how difficult it is to ship from those four centers.

Please Note - The Sarcophagus, Survival Box, and Cargo Box are very heavy. The Cargo Box weighs in at 16 pounds (7.26 kg). We do our best to make packing and shipping these products economical, but we are limited by simple practicalities of size and weight.

About Us

Torg Eternity is developed by Ulisses North America, the English-language division of Ulisses Spiele and publisher of The Dark Eye and Wrath & Glory, 40,000 Roleplay.

You can find numerous articles with rules previews in the Torg section of our website. If you are interested in more in-depth discussion, please join our forums!

You can also follow us on social media:

Our core design team consists of Shane Lacy Hensley, Ross Watson, Darrell Hayhurst, Deanna Gilbert, Timothy Brown, and Markus Plötz. Their full bios are available on the Ulisses North America site.

  • Religions of Core Earth unlocked
  • Nile Empire Miracle Cards unlocked
  • Nile Empire Spell Cards unlocked
  • Vehicle Standees unlocked
  • Cracking Tales of the Nile Empire For 6 
  • Living Land Booster Deck For 10 
  • Torg Eternity Dice Pack For 10 
  • Nile Empire Map Pack 1 For 15 
  • Nile Empire Map Pack 2 For 15 
  • Nile Empire Dice Tray For 15 
  • Nile Empire Booster Deck For 15 
  • Acrylic Blips - Minions of Mobius For 15 
  • Acrylic Blips - Pulp Heroes and Villains For 15 
  • Acrylic Blips - Storm Knight and Allies For 15 
  • Acrylic Blips - Nile Empire Threats For 15 
  • Living Land Map Pack 1 For 15 
  • Living Land Map Pack 2 For 15 
  • Torg Eternity Character Sheet Tearpad and Journals Pack For 15 
  • Acrylic Blips - Base Gameplay Tokens For 15 
  • The Fires of Ra Soundtrack For 18 
  • Nile Empire Possibility Chips For 20 
  • Nile Empire GM Screen and Archetypes For 25 
  • Delphi Missions: Nile Empire For 25 
  • The Fires of Ra For 35 
  • Nile Empire Sourcebook For 40 
  • Living Land Sourcebook For 40 
  • Torg Eternity Core Rules For 50 
  • Torg Eternity Core Rules Deluxe For 75 
  • Acrylic Blip Bundle For 180 
  • Living Land Survival Box For 200 
  • Delphi Council Cargo Box For 220 

We're using the Variant system this time around, and those are now set up as Variants of the Nile Empire Sourcebook. You will be able to see them as you finalize your reward selection.

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