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Kingmaker 10th Anniversary

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Rule the World!

In 2010, Pathfinder’s Kingmaker Adventure Path raised the bar on what a tabletop fantasy RPG campaign could be. With open-ended sandbox-style adventures, Kingmaker beckoned players to claim their throne and carve a new nation out of the treacherous River Kingdoms, map hex by map hex. Tens of thousands of gamers answered the call, ranking Kingmaker among the best-known and best-loved tabletop campaigns in history.

Last fall, Owlcat Games released a best-selling computer game adaptation of the Kingmaker campaign, adding new adventures, new mysteries, and more than a dozen new companions to accompany the players as they expand their holdings from a single fortress to a burgeoning empire. A new generation of rulers have schemed and sliced their way to the heights of power in the River Kingdoms, and interest in the Kingmaker campaign has never been higher!

Alas, all six Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes featuring the original Kingmaker campaign are out of print, and have been for years. Assembling a full set of used original volumes and associated accessories can cost hundreds of dollars.

Fortunately, 2020 is the 10th Anniversary of the Kingmaker Adventure Path. Next year is the perfect time to celebrate with a brand new collected and expanded hardcover compilation of the Kingmaker campaign for the second edition of the Pathfinder RPG, along with a little something special for our friends who prefer 5E.

The only question is… how ambitious do we get?

That’s where you come in.

In past years, we’ve published hardcover collections of our popular Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne campaigns, returning beloved out-of-print favorites updated with new bridging material, new illustrations and maps, errata, and numerous additional improvements, all converted to the newest Pathfinder edition.

But Kingmaker presents even more opportunities for expansion and additional depth. The campaign’s open-ended “sandbox” style encourages player agency and exploration. With nearly a decade of fan suggestions and a host of new storylines, characters, and challenges from the Owlcat computer game, the options for new additions and expansions are almost limitless!

We want to make the best and biggest version of the Kingmaker campaign possible to celebrate its 10th anniversary year. With your support, we’ll expand the campaign, add new accessories to further immerse you in play, and unlock additional surprises.

Together, we’ll take your kingdom—and the Kingmaker campaign—to new heights of power!

Want to know more about Kingmaker? Get ready for adventure as the team at Geek & Sundry explore the rich world of Pathfinder in this Kingmaker one-shot! Join GM Eric Campbell and his players Jason Charles Miller, Markeia McCarty, Sam De Leve and Gina DeVivo as they make their mark in one of Pathfinders most beloved campaigns!

Kingmaker Adventure Path: In Kingmaker, your player characters are more than mere adventurers. They are destined to become the rulers of the world’s newest kingdom—a nation that you get to build from the ground up as the campaign unfolds! In the northeastern corner of the sprawling expanse of the River Kingdoms lies an unclaimed wilderness known as the Stolen Lands. If your PCs can defeat the bandits and monsters that infest the central portion of the Stolen Lands, you’ll be able to establish your new nation therein... but this is only the beginning. Rugged mountains, sprawling swamps, and tangled forests border your new home on all sides, and as you expand into these lands you’ll forge new alliances, clash with new foes, and uncover an ancient menace that has long lurked in the overgrown corners of the Stolen Lands. But once you’ve claimed your territory, can your party defend this hard-won kingdom from war on its borders and supernatural threats from within? Will you rule with justice and mercy, or will you become the very monsters you fought to oppose? In the Kingmaker Adventure Path, the destiny of the world’s newest nation is yours to decide!

A stunning 576-page hardcover, the Kingmaker Adventure Path provides GMs everything they need to run this epic campaign. All six chapters published in 2010 will be updated to Pathfinder Second Edition rules, incorporating a decade of player and GM feedback and new characters, conflicts, and plots inspired by the best-selling digital adaptation of the campaign that released last fall—including a new prologue making its tabletop debut in this release! Detailed appendices provide GMs with flavorful gazetteers of the campaign’s myriad locations, from the Stolen Lands at large to the rival city of Pitax. The Kingmaker Adventure Path also features complete rules for hex-map exploration and kingdom building and management to bring the campaign’s most innovative elements to life at your table. Lastly, a bestiary of new and updated monsters that feature prominently in the Adventure Path give GMs of any campaign new tools to torment their player characters with! As the campaign levels up, the size of this book will grow to include new content, so stay tuned as the Kingmaker 10th Anniversary crowdfunding campaign progresses!

Kingmaker Companion Guide: The adventures don’t stop in Kingmaker’s core campaign, though. Inspired by the hit CRPG from Owlcat Games, the Kingmaker Companion Guide expands on the experience by providing details on significant companion NPCs who are destined to accompany you into the Stolen Lands. Starting with a focus on the halfling bard Linzi and the gnome alchemist Jubilost, additional NPC allies will continue to be unlocked and this book’s contents will expand as stretch goals are unlocked. Each NPC in the Kingmaker Companion Guide is presented at several points during their adventuring careers, and as your PCs get to know them, each will reveal additional quests in the Stolen Lands, giving your party ever more opportunities to grow in power and fame. Further rules expanding specialized roles in kingdom management, shenanigans that could take place around campfires or in taverns between adventures, and other downtime activities will help to fill the gaps between adventures and improve your characters’ and your kingdom’s legend with each friend you make!

The Kingmaker Companion Guide is a 32-page softcover compendium designed for Pathfinder Second Edition, and is available at most reward levels on day one. Additionally, the book has the potential to grow to over five times that size and evolve into a hardcover as the crowdfunding campaign levels up, so pledge today and help us unlock additional companions.

Kingmaker Bestiary for 5E: Why limit the fun of the Kingmaker Adventure Path to Pathfinder players? With the Kingmaker Bestiary for 5E add-on, GMs and players of the fifth edition of the world’s oldest roleplaying game gain access to more than 140 monsters and key NPCs from the Kingmaker Adventure Path! Whether used as a companion volume to help convert the entire Kingmaker campaign or as a handy way to add new challenges and foes to 5E campaigns of all varieties, these time-tested critters and foes are sure to keep your players on their toes! Be it the lumbering menace of a forest-dwelling hodag, the slime-dripping slurk, the overwhelming danger of the two-headed tarn linnorm, or the burbling power of the legendary jabberwock, these foes and more will surely vex, terrify, and torment an entire new arena of PCs. With rules conversion and additional design by Legnedary Games, this collection of creatures translates seamlessly across game systems and is a perfect addition to any 5E campaign!

This 160-page hardcover volume is an add-on from day one, so don’t wait. Support the Kingmaker 10th Anniversary crowdfunding campaign today and add the Kingmaker Bestiary for 5E to your order now!

Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition: Does your group prefer to stick with First Edition? We’ve got you covered with the hardcover Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition, a 160-page monster and NPC resource that converts the new companions, NPCs, and monsters unlocked by this campaign into old-school Pathfinder First Edition. Play along in the new and updated encounters with this helpful conversion guide featuring back-converted stats for the entire Kingmaker campaign, plus other rules conversions, tips and tricks to run the campaign as smoothly as possible. Not ready to convert to 2E? Already running the campaign with your First Edition group? This add-on book is your ticket to playing Kingmaker in classic style!

Here's the list of products currently unlocked and available for purchase. You'll select these products after you choose a Reward level. For more details about unlocked Level-Ups, click the "Product Preview" tab above.

As the Kingmaker 10th Anniversary campaign advances, we will reveal free expansions to the Kingmaker Adventure Path and Kingmaker Companion Guide products as well as new products available for purchase as Add-Ons. For more details about unlocked Level-Ups, click the "Product Preview" tab above. As the campaign gains more backers, players of all pledge levels will receive additional rewards.

  • Unlock: Kingmaker Pawn Box unlocked
  • Unlock: Flip-Mat 2-pack #1 Prologue unlocked
  • Companion Guide: Amiri unlocked
  • Cursed King Expansion unlocked
  • 1,000 Backers unlocked
  • Unlock: Kingmaker Map Folio unlocked
  • Companion Guide: Tristian unlocked
  • Kingmaker AE: Barony Expansion unlocked
  • Unlock: Flip-Mat 2-pack #2 Campsites unlocked
  • 1,500 Backers unlocked
  • Companion Guide: Nok-Nok locked
  • Unlock: Kingmaker Kingdom Tracker Accessory locked
  • Kingmaker AE: Lamashtu Bloom locked
  • 2,000 backers locked
  • Companion Guide: Valerie locked

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We know it’s important for players across the world to understand how Paizo is handling taxes and shipping, and we want to be as transparent as possible. Shipping can be expensive with books as heavy as those in Kingmaker, and that results in more expensive shipping for some countries.

Paizo is partnering with Ingram to consolidate shipments for worldwide delivery via regional distribution centers for more efficient (and less expensive) delivery to your door.

VAT and other taxes are based on the address you enter at time of purchase.

Canada: VAT is included in the price.

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United States: Taxes are included in the price.

Rest of World: You are responsible for taxes and any customs charges.

Brazil, China, Russia: We’re unable to deliver products to these countries. You are eligible to purchase the Counselor (PDF) Reward Level.

Cancellations & Refunds: Backers of the Kingmaker 10th Anniversary campaign can request a refund until the end of the campaign. If deliveries of physical or digital goods are unable to be completed, the backer may be eligible for a partial or full refund of the pledged amount, excluding shipping and handling costs.

Return Policy: Due to the nature of the crowdfunding, rewards received through the Kingmaker 10th Anniversary crowdfunding campaign are not eligible for return or exchange.

Fulfillment of Physical Rewards: Paizo estimates physical backer rewards to be shipped to backers by December, 2020. Paizo Inc. will make reasonable efforts to ensure backers are able to receive rewards listed on the backer’s selected pledge level. It is the responsibility of backers to provide an accurate shipping address and to update their pledge with any address changes when relevant. If a backer pledge is returned to to the shipper due to circumstances outside Paizo’s control, the backer may be responsible for shipping and handling charges associated with reshipment. If a reward arrives damaged, email Customer Service with a picture of the damage.

Fulfillment of Digital Rewards: Digital rewards (PDFs) will be delivered to backers via a unique code sent to the email address used when they pledged to the campaign. Backers must have a paizo.com account in order to redeem codes for digital content. Digital content will remain accessible through your My Downloads page as long as your account remains in good standing and abides by Paizo’s Community Guidelines, and as long as the publisher has authorized us to allow downloads. Paizo expects to provide backers with download codes for currently available digital assets by late June.

Paizo Inc. reserves the right to assist backers with matters related to rewards depending on individual, extenuating circumstances. For questions or inquiries regarding cancellations, refunds or returns, please contact Paizo’s Customer Service team at customer.service@paizo.com or call us at +1 (425) 250-0800.

Here are some answers to the questions we think you'll be asking. We'll add to this as the campaign progresses.

Will Paizo be running crowdfunding campaigns for other products in the future?

This is a special event. We’re not ruling out the possibility, but we’re not currently planning any other crowdfunding campaigns.

Will Paizo be publishing other 5E products?

This is a special event. We’re not ruling out the possibility, but we’re not currently planning any other 5E products.

Will Paizo be publishing other Adventure Path compilations?

This is a special event. We’re not ruling out the possibility, but we’re not currently planning any other Adventure Path compilations. (This is our third Adventure Path compilation in 7 years.)

Some products and Add-Ons are marked as "exclusive." Whart exactly does that mean?

Items labeled as exclusive are only available during the crowdfunding campaign. Paizo won't be selling these items into the hobby channel, though if your local retailer participates they would have some copies for sale.

How will the PDFs be delivered?

PDFs will be watermarked and fulfilled through paizo.com. You must create an account on paizo.com in order to claim your PDFs.

Why are you using Game On Tabletop?

Paizo has been partners with the team behind Game On Tabletop for years, and we've watched the development of this gamer-focused crowdfunding platform for some time. We've seen other campaigns migrate over to Game On Tabletop to manage the back end of the campaign as well, and it just made sense of us to leverage the same platform for both launch and the back end.

Why are you crowdfunding the Kingmaker Adventure Path now?

2020 is the 10th anniversary of Kingmaker, and in order to ensure it launches on its anniversary, we need to start building it now.

What about the Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures from Ninja Division?

Ninja Division's Masterclass miniatures campaign is late. We continue to support and meet with the team at Ninja Division regularly, and they're still actively working to find a solution that gets backers the miniatures they were promised. You can find more information about Paizo's response to the delays on the Paizo Forums.

When will my payment be charged ?

Your payment will be charged instantly at the time of the order. You can make several payments of different amounts during the project duration whenever you add additional items, thus allowing you to check out smaller amounts over a longer timespan.

My shipping rates are 999.9$, is that a mistake ?

This means that the address you provided is not in our shipping table. Please contact us by clicking the "envelope" button on the right side of the page.

What are Weight Markers and why am I receiving them in my purchase?

Weight Markers are a placeholder for future unlocks at your Reward Level. You can ignore them.

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