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Dark Crusade (Late Pledge)

King Racoon Games

This is the Late Pledge campaign for the Dark Crusade Faction add-on for the Standee Version of Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down.
It is fully compatible with all yet released games and expansions unless the Moon Princess Coop-Expansion.


You will get:

Territory Markers
3 Dark Crusader Units
1 Mascot
1 Homezone tile
5 plastic stands
1 initiative token
1 Faction sheets
5 combat cards

All materials are provided in german and english.

All this will be send to you by December 2019 or you may pick it up a SPIEL 2019 in Essen.


When the Marduk Order started their offensive against Tsukuyumi, the boldest and most renown knights of the Order were sent on the hardest mission in the history of the great battles against the wyrms: venture into the innerst of the moon and finish what the Kami Hunters began.

Whilst their brothers of the KG 03 were send to fight the Oni from the ground, the KG 01, were deployed directly on the moon 3000 kilometers above the ocean soil. From there, the 5 dragonslayers began their journey into the core of the moon.

Buried in the bodies of their fallen foes in their pierced battlesuits, the knights of the KG 01 were imbued with Tsukuyumi's power and became Oni.But due to their training and their faith they were able to resist the transformation and keep their own will. With their new powers they patched their battlesuits with organic mass and ascended from the inner core of the moon. Half Oni and half knight. Ready to rain havoc on whoever steps in the way of their crusade. Their DARK CRUSADE.


The Dark Crusade are immensely powerful. But like the KG 03 they only have few units. In fact they have even less units then their righteous brothers, namely three.

As the Dark Crusade are kind of Oni themselves they can to certain amount interact and even control the Oni.
All Oni adjacent to Grendel count as units of the Dark Crusade and can be moved by the player and can even perform attacks.

As long as Lilith is in play, areas with Oni in them can not be conquered and finally every area Samael enters gains the Tsukuyumi area property.

campaign image 3

Oh, and I almost forgot Baal. But he just sits in his drop pod (The KG 01 homezone) and shoots everybody who comes near him.
Like the KG 03 the Dark Crusade wants to dictate the pace of the game right from the start and center the attention on the moon and areas that a worth more VP.

The Dark Crusade really are the new powerhouse in town.

Did I mention that Grendel has an atomic bomb for a heart?

campaign image 4

No? And guess what, he can blow it up, inflicting tons of damage! Literally TOOOONS of damage.

So are you ready to expose yourselves to Tsukuyumi's pheromones and step inside a tainted battlesuit to bring wrath upon your opponents?
Then join our Pre-Order Campaign today!

    • Messe Pick-Up For 0 €
    • Dark Crusader Late Pledge For 17 €

    You will be charged immediately. You pay via PayPal and if we don't succeed with the campaign, you will get your money back from us.

    You need the base game of Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down to play this expansion.

    This expansion is a standee expansion as it supports the Standee version by King Racoon Games. The units will come as cardboard standees.

    Yes, you can. In order to do so, you have to choose an Add-On, namely the "Messe Pick-Up".
    In October you can come by our booth and pick up the Dark Crusade yourselves.

    Yes, you can. You can choose to add add-ons to your order. There you can add as many copies as you like.

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        Dark Crusade (Late Pledge)

        Dark Crusade (Late Pledge) King Racoon Games

        We are funded! If you still like to get your copy you can still order until we haven't printed.


        5,742 € (164%)
        Amount raised
        • Initial funding goal :
          3,500 €
        •  Amount raised :
          3,871 €
        • + Late Pledge :
          1,871 €

        Time left

        Project finished
        from 06/21/2019 14:00 till 04/30/2020 00:00

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