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Tales of Terror 5e Miniatures & Book

Wicked Foundations

  • Discordant Lament unlocks at $ 90,000

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***Not final products, detail changes may apply***

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Because of our desire to maintain quality, we may have to make some structural differences upon molding (an arm lowered here, a wispy tail bent the other way) in order to keep the mini durable for decades of tabletop play.

Nope. Some will just be a few pieces while others will require construction of many pieces. It won’t be rocket surgery, except for Malka. She is involved! Also, have your exacto blade ready because they come on sprues.

The miniatures' exact purpose are for tabletop RPGs (role playing games). The book/bestiary that we have for purchase is specifically made to be compatible with the 5e system of the world's first and most popular role playing game.

Because of the OGL license (user license), we cannot state the system by name.
Hint: it has the word Dragon in it...

Yes. We have base measurements from 25 (medium), 50 (large), 75 (huge), 100 (gargantuan), and 125mm (Wicked's colossal)

Each of the three groups of minis revolve around both a theme and a story. The monsters in each all compliment each other when integrated into a tabletop campaign.

Additionally, they have been budgeted and manufactured to be sold in these blocks to keep their price as low as possible. In the future, if we can, we would love to sell different minis individually but we aren't there yet.

Not as of yet, but if we get requests for other rule systems we can adapt our original mechanics.

I can definitely help clarify things. The goal was to create a line of miniatures that GMs can use in their Tabletop RPG [games]. Everything that is in the Blood-Soaked Toys collection adheres to the 28 to 32mm scale (as do all the sets). The issue that you may be looking at, precisely, is the Twisted Toymaker. To help clarify things, we made the Twisted Toymaker out to be larger in size than a regular human: for example, he is 55mm tall with a 25mm base. When designing the character, we didn’t want to downgrade detail (detail that would have been lost in the sculpt if made to be 28-32mm), so we ended up redesigning his lore to make him out to be large in stature (think Robert Wadlow, he was 8’11”). Even though the Toymaker is larger than the average human, he is still considered a medium sized creature and adheres to a 25mm (roughly a 1in base) (Goliaths and Firbolgs are still medium sized creatures no matter their size compared to humans). When designing we take into consideration that any monster that is below 10’ and above 5’ to be a medium sized creature.

So, when it comes to the Table Mimic (it is a 50mm, Large sized, creature.) The humanoids sitting in the chairs are humans of a 28mm scale. So, to answer your question, yes.

The Weeping Bard and Ballerinas will be sized according to the Toymaker. We are doing this to keep detail and consistency between our deviously shaped humanoids. Just a little tease into the set: The Weeping Bard, The Twisted Toymaker, and Grandma Malka all share the same “benefactor.”

-This was a discussion from a Kickstarter Backer and a member of the Wicked team

No, we will be taking payments for shipping once the product is ready from the manufacturer. Estimated time for release is December 2020 for wave one (Stretch goals are scheduled for December 2021). Shipping payments will be taken from Game on Tabletop.

Tales of Terror Dark Menagerie (our Bestiary) PDF file will be sent to the email that is associated with your Game on Tabletop account (if you are a new backer) OR your Kickstarter account (if you backed initially though the site). The email will assist you in getting a FREE copy through DriveThruRPG.com ... Please be aware that the PDF is selling for $10, on the site, and It should indicate $0 in your cart when you receive the email.

Please message us at info@wickedfoundations.com if you have any questions.

No, we do not sell STL files.

Currently we are only selling hard plastic miniatures. HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) is the plastic material being used.

Shipping costs will be collected from backers when the products are ready to ship (Estimated in December). We do not have estimates yet on shipping rates. Manufacturing is still working on the molds, therefore we do not have enough information to provide estimates.

At the moment, Tales of Terror: Dark Menagerie is only available in English.

Miniature Sizing

Compared to a WizKids humanoid model

campaign image 14

campaign image 15

***Model above was 3D printed from original file. Detail changes may apply.***


During checkout please be aware that the shipping cost is set at $0.00. Shipping WILL be collected on a later date. Shipping will be billed after this Game on Tabletop campaign concludes, via our Shipping Manager (The Shipping Manager will also be with Game on Tabletop). We will begin collecting Wave 1 shipping fees once we have all dimensions and weights from the manufacturer. Please keep in mind that wave 2 shipping fees will be collected sometime in 2021.

Backers/pledgers will be notified once the Shipping Manager is open. Please check your email that is associated with your Game on Tabletop account for updates.

Please note: Certain add-ons and products are shipping at different times. The following are as listed:

Wave 1

Estimated to ship on December 2020

  • Tales of Terror: Dark Menagerie Bestiary (BOOK)
  • Tales of Terror: Blood Soaked Toys
  • Tales of Terror: The Orphanarium
  • Tales of Terror: Blossom of Pestilence
  • Tales of Terror: Carcosa
  • Table Mimic Miniature

Wave 2

Estimated to ship on December 2021

  • Tales of Terror: Temptation of Jade (Previously known as Blood of Tlaloc)
  • And all possible LEVEL UPS that are reached (LEVEL UPS are the equivalent to Kickstarter’s Stretch Goals)

*Remember it is the responsibility of the backer/pledger to pay for shipping on all products (including add-ons). Product(s) will NOT ship until payment has been received.

*Note if a backer/pledger wishes to receive both waves in a bundle, to help reduce shipping cost, they will be billed for the combined shipping in 2021. Items will then ship in 2021, and not 2020.

Terms and Conditions

By pledging to this project, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions.


The products/rewards shown on this Game on Tabletop page are subject to change. The final products/rewards you receive could differ from what is presented here. Please look at FAQ for more details.


It is your responsibility as a backer/pledger of this project to read project updates in order to stay up to date with important details and schedules.


Full refunds are available within 14 days of the campaign’s end date (Campaign end date is October 1, 2020 at 4:00 GMT+1). All refunds taking place within 14-days of the close of the campaign are refunded in full via Stripe or PayPal to your credit or debit card.

After the initial 14-day period, all refunds conducted before the 30-day end period will be subjected to a 10% late fee of the total amount backed/pledged.

Once these initial 30 days have passed, no refunds will be possible. A reminder of the refund cutoff date will be announced on Game on Tabletop as well as Kickstarter.

Risks and challenges

Transparency. Transparency is vital. We've been backers ourselves and we have seen the horror stories behind Kickstarter projects either evaporating or imploding. Your concerns are understandable and certainly expected. We won't make those mistakes. Here is why:

First off, Wicked Foundations is its own thing. We are beholden to no one so there are no complicated rights issues or top-heavy administration to navigate. Our endeavors are intentionally simple so we can focus on what matters: content.

Also, all of the statistics and mechanics for each miniature has been completed, and tested by multiple control groups. An available beta copy is available on Drive Thru RPG.

Secondly, we have seen many Kickstarters fail by stretch goals, and we don’t wish to be the next tragic statistic. That is why we made sure to choose stretch goals that are both cost effective and desirable for the backers.

Third, we have tons of art, flavorful short stories, and supplemental material to go along with these minis. For you to back Tales of Terror, we knew we needed to provide a lot of value for each mini. In short, our monsters are too good to use just once.

We've spent nearly two years preparing this product line and we got as far as we could prior to launching the Kickstarter Project. We can more easily focus on communicating with our backers. We will also provide monthly updates regarding the product you backed, and on future products and freebies as well.

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