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Fantasy World Creator: Dungeon & Town - 3D modular system


Dungeon&Town is the new set that implements the 3D into your adventures with hundreds of elements and an affordable price.

It can be purchased in a bundle with the * "Fantasy World Creator" products but also used by those who play only with a battlemat.

Its use is universal, reflecting the philosophy of the "World Creator" product line.

  • Easy to mount and use
  • Highest standard material
  • Each element is rewritable
  • All illustrations are hand-drawn

* (For more information about "FWC" products, please see the section below at the end of this project page)

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Dungeon&Town is composed of a series of walls with different dimensions, roofs and details to make "live" your gaming sessions. Each of the more than 300 pieces is hand-drawn by the Italian artist Andrea Alemanno.

We have created a special textured base that allows infinite interlocking combinations, making the whole structure solid and quick to build.

Social Goals have unlocked 2 new features that revolutionize the Dungeon&Town building phase: Curved walls, for the first time in a "pen&paper" 3D system and new diagonal slit in the bases that will allow 45° and 135° angle corridors and rooms.

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Many questions have been asked to us about the durability of the product. We can assure that the combination of plastic lamination of the cardboard and the rounded corners of the base slits, reduces wear to the minimum during the building phase

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The Character Pack includes 4 miniatures sculpted by the Italian artist Claudio Casiniand 174 hand-drawn pawns by Elisa Serio and Manuele Brandani

We have added the backside illustration of the figure to all the pawns, to increase the perception of their position in the game and the strategy of their use.

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The "World Creator" line dedicated to fantasy RPG, is designed for all players that want a "physic" setting where to play but without spending too much on miniatures or plastic scenarios.

The core box of "Fantasy World Creator" contains more than 500 elements including game tiles, tokens for characters and monsters, quick environment and status tokens. The two expansions, launched in the first reprint in March, add accessories for players (such as "equipment interactive sheets" ) and a rewritable book dedicated to the master, the "Black Book", containing maps and tools to keep track of every aspect of adventures and characters. Any element is fully dry-erase rewritable, ensuring total customization.

A web app, usable from PC/tablet/mobile phones is included, to manage all material digitally. With it, users can create maps write adventures and then share them with other users or export them to PDF. At the moment, the community counts on about 3000 members

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Risks and Challenges

This is our 6th crowdfunding campaign, previous projects have been supported and delivered successfully or are about to be delivered. We believe that constantly informing and supporting our backers in every phase of the project (presentation - production - shipping - customer support) is the best form of respect. This is our philosophy. Aware that there may be delays that do not depend on us but on production in China or the customs, we considered delivery time in July 2020. Also, due to the logistics of international shipping, backers in different regions of the world may receive their rewards sooner than others. The mission is to present products of the highest quality and that can improve your gaming experiences, giving you hours of fun. All components will be produced in China and will respect the best quality standards that we always guarantee for our products. To follow our latest news or information, please visit our website: WWW.GAMESTARTEDIZIONI.COM


We can repay within 10 days of the end of the campaign, including taxes. If we started packing for shipping (usually 3 to 5 weeks before the actual shipping date), no refund is possible. This project is financed in EUR and any refund paid will be in EUR for the exact amount received in EUR, excluding any applicable fees based on the current currency.


By pledging to this project, you acknowledge that the final look, materials and content of the rewards (and the project) are subject to change and may differ substantially from what is presented while the crowdfunding campaign was active. If you do not log in and confirm your pledge within 6 weeks of our notification via email to confirm your pledge, you agree that we have fulfilled our obligations to you in full for payment or donations received. However, we may, at our discretion, refund or ship your pledge if you contact us and confirm your pledge after the 6 week window has elapsed. Unconfirmed pledges make it difficult for us to plan production and logistics, and in the past have led to project delays. For this project we do not intend to allow this to happen, which may mean if you confirm your pledge too late, exclusive items may not be produced in sufficient quantity for your pledge. If you confirm your pledge, you agree that our responsibility to you is to ship your order as entered into our pledge manager system, that title and risk passes to you upon delivery to a common carrier for such shipment, and you are responsible for import duties or any other duties that may be payable to the relevant tax authorities, providing correct address information and ensuring this address is deliverable by normal methods.

If you do not accept these terms, please do not pledge on this project.

Gamestart Team

    • D&T - Extra Props pack Pour 15 € D&T - Extra Props pack
    • Fantasy World Creator - Master's Black Book Pour 25 € Fantasy World Creator - Master's Black Book
    • D&T - Characters Set Pour 35 € D&T - Characters Set
    • More Dark Castles (1st is free) Pour 35 € More Dark Castles (1st is free)
    • Fantasy World Creator - Treasure Pack Pour 50 € Fantasy World Creator - Treasure Pack
    • Dungeon&Town Box Pour 55 € Dungeon&Town Box
    • Fantasy World Creator - Core Box Pour 75 € Fantasy World Creator - Core Box
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        Fantasy World Creator: Dungeon & Town - 3D modular system En cours

        Fantasy World Creator: Dungeon & Town - 3D modular system GAMESTART SAS

        Build and play your adventure in 3 dimensions! Adaptable to DnD, miniature games and any fantasy Role-Playing Game.


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        Partager sur les réseaux sociaux

        Porteur de projet

        GAMESTART SAS [Forlì, Italy]


        Partager sur les réseaux sociaux