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Starfarer Adversaries: Legacy Bestiary

Rogue Genius Games

Starfarer Adversaries: Legacy Bestiary is a collection of more than 200 classic fantasy monsters, updated for a science-fantasy universe! The Starfinder Roleplaying Game presents a galaxy with the same history and cosmology as the sword-and-sorcery path of fantasy RPGs, but has little room to update what the monsters of that fantasy world have done with access to startravel! The Legacy Bestiary not only updates them to Starfinder rules, it updates their concepts to account for high-tech and galactic adventure. Mimics as vending machines! Uplifted owlbears! Frost giants wielding cryoweapons!

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Project Creators

campaign image 4 The Legacy Bestiary is written and illustrated by fan favorite Jacob E. Blackmon. Jacob has done illustrations for Adventure-a-Week, Christina Stiles Presents, Purple Duck, Rite Publishing, Rogue Genius Games, and many more.

  • Jurassic Pack locked
  • Cannibal Clowns?! For $ 2

    These Monsters Are No Joke!

    No one knows where the Grimaldi Strain came from. Part nanite swarm, part viral infection, part curse, part Ungol dust, the dreadful material just began appearing in reports. Reports of abandoned hospitals, burned orphanages, and blood-soaked circus tents. Report of places that had been destroyed. Torn apart. Consumed.

    By Cannibal Clowns. From Outer Space.

    The Grimaldi Strain turns humanoids, and sometimes other creatures, into clown-faced pseudo undead, flesh-eating horrors. They can disguise themselves as common clowns... for a time. They invade, infect, spread. And once they have turned enough of a location into more of their own kind?

    They feast.

    And make balloon animals. Out of entrails.

    Starfarer Adversaries: Because the vacuum of space doesn't kill you fast enough!

  • Horrifically Overpowered For $ 2


    Look, the Horrifically Overpowered line of products for Pathfinder has been one of our best sellers. So, sure, we understand why people might ask for a Starfinder-compatible version.

    But, folks, don’t use these!

    Sure, it’s cool to have ways to allow characters to spend fewer Resolve Points on everything, or gain the powers of an archetype without giving up any class features, or adding a drone to their party… as a soldier. Or ANY of the meta-attack feats.

    But despite having all the rules you need to add these to a campaign, they’re not BALANCED.

    You know… because they are Horrifically Overpowered.

    We did warn you.

  • Give 'em Guns For $ 3

    Starfarer’s Codex: Legacy Gunslinger brings the dashing, daring gunslinger concept from the fantasy era into the future! Designed to focus on the most interesting options from the gunslinger class, Legacy Gunslinger allows any character to become an expert in the way of the gun, presenting a Gunslinger feat, a gunslinger archetype (appropriate for any Starfinder Roleplaying Game-compatible class), and special class options for operatives (the gunslinger specialization) and soldiers (the gunslinger fighting style). And, for campaigns where it makes sense for a character to be a gunslinger first and foremost, the 20-level gunslinger base class!

    Regardless of how to access them, gunslinger abilities give a character ways to do more with a gun. With abilities drawn from multiple gunslinging methods for any class ranging from 1st level to the top tiers of a campaign, a character can pick up a few gunslinging tricks or become an undisputed master of ranged weapons. So whether you want to gain fancy shooting options that allow you to twirl pistols with the best of them, use gunfire to blast things out of people’s hands, or just want a little extra grit for your character, Starfarer’s Codex: Legacy Gunslinger has got you covered!

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