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RPG Treasure by Campaign Coins

Campaign Coins

We are Campaign Coins from Australia. We make beautiful metal coins for fantasy roleplaying games. We are the original gaming coin company. We started making our coins in 2007.

We are revising our range of RPG Treasure coin sets. Playing with actual money is lots more fun, it is why we started our company!

This campaign is fully funded, we are ready to start making these for you.

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We have created four new coin sets to cover the stages of a roleplaying campaign. After many years of play, we think that the best coin mix for fantasy roleplaying is plenty of gold, with low denominations of copper and silver, and a litlte bit of platinum and electrum for variety.

All sets are packed in a velvet bag with the Campaign Coins logo, and contain bonus coins exclusive to this campaign.

Tavern Change coin set

Tavern Change is for a mug of beer, a hunk of cheese, room for the night. Here you will find low denomination copper and silver coins. in a Green velvet bag.

This set contains 50 coins:

  • 1-Copper (x20) | 5-Copper (x5) | 1-Silver (x20) | 5-Silver (x5)

Plus, 4 bonus coins:

  • 2-Copper (x1) | 2-Silver (x1) | 10-Copper (x1) | 10-Silver (x1)

campaign image 4

Market Gold coin set

Market Gold is about buying gear and supplies in the market, and your first treasure haul at low adventurer levels. This set comes in a Blue velvet bag.

This set contains 50 coins:

  • 1-Gold (x20) | 2-Gold (x10) | 5-Gold (x10) | 10-Gold (x5) | 20-Gold (x5)

Plus, 2 bonus coins:

  • Gold Knight 100-Gold (x1) Limited edition coin
  • Summer Queen 50-Gold (x1) Limited edition coin

campaign image 5

Dungeon Gold coin set

Dungeon Gold is when your fame really starts to grow and you level up and go deeper into the dungeon. These coins are larger, so this set has fewer coins than the others, packed snugly into a Burgundy velvet bag.

This set contains 46 coins:

  • 50-Gold (x10) | 100-Gold (x20) | 500-Gold (x10) | 1000-Gold (x5) | 5000-Gold (x1)

Plus, 3 bonus coins:

  • Noble Warrior 500-Gold (x1) Limited edition coin
  • Sword & Roses 1000-Gold (x1) Limited edition coin
  • Dungeon Bastard 1000-Gold (x1)

campaign image 6

Rare Treasure coin set

Rare Treasure is optional, but brings variety to the table. Our Platinum is super shiny to differentiate it from the Silver, and our Electrum is the blackest metal, forbidden coins from a fallen empire. This set has an even mix of both types, in a Black velvet bag.

This set has 50 coins:

  • 1-Electrum (x15) | 5-Electrum (x5) | 10-Electrum (x5) | 1-Platinum (x15) | 5-Platinum (x5) | 10-Platinum (x5)

Plus, 2 bonus coins:

  • Royal City 10,000-Gold (x1) Limited edition coin
  • Dwarven Fortress 10,000-Gold coin (x1)

campaign image 7

Complete set contents

Here is the coin breakdown for all sets, with comparative sizes.

campaign image 8

campaign image 9

Our Roleplaying with Coins (PDF) gives you ideas for using coins in roleplaying games. These new sets are designed for you to be able to make change at the table, so that you don't bankrupt your fantasy kingdom after the first loot drop.

All of our coins are real metal, designed by Australian artist Lee Smith. We make our coins to the finest possible prop quality, with beautiful detailing and polishing.

Our coins are die cast from a zinc alloy. They are plated and polished to give them an antique feel. They feel great to play with, and they are hard wearing - we are still playing with the coins from our first release in 2007.

Our coins are easy to use. They are different sizes and shapes, and have clear numbers so that you can count them up. In a fantasy world coins might not be denominated, but trust us, it's much better for game play, and it means you can cover any amount of loot.

The coins have fantastic detail on the front, with bold 3D features. This does mean that they do not stack neatly. The reverse of each coin is a patterned back with intricate detail.

The coins increase in size with denomination, from the penny-sized 1-coins (19mm) up to the mighty 5,000 (35 mm). Here's a comparison with United States currency.

campaign image 10

campaign image 11

campaign image 12

Left: Concentration Token (AU $15). Middle: Epic D20 Coins x5 (AU $30). Right: Deven Rue Compass Rose (AU $15).


Please note: the pledge levels do not include postage. Shipping will be charged when you check out, according to the exact weight of your items.

  • Orders from USA and Canada will be fulfilled from America.
  • Orders from Europe will be fulfilled from the EU. Customs duties will not apply within the EU.
  • Orders from the UK will be fulfilled from the UK or EU, when we know how Brexit will change things in the delivery window. Customs duties will not apply within the UK.
  • Orders from Australia, New Zealand and Asia will be fulfilled from Australia.
  • We cannot accept pledges from South America. We're really sorry, but we don't have a fulfilment solution that offers reasonably priced secure shipping.

Shipping estimates

Here are our current estimates on shipping costs, based on the data we have right now. The charge will be in Australian Dollars (AUD), but for clarity we have listed your local currency for shipping estimates:

Australia: One set AUD $9 | Three sets AUD $13
New Zealand: One set ~NZD $15 | Three sets ~NZD $21
Asia: One set AUD $17 | Three sets AUD $30
USA: One set ~USD $7 | Three sets ~USD $14
Canada: One set ~CAD $14 | Three sets ~CAD $28
United Kingdom: One set ~GBP £9 | Three sets ~GBP £12
EU: One set ~EUR €11 | Three sets ~EUR €16
Rest of World: One pack ~EUR €18 | Three sets ~EUR €28

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campaign image 15
Augrudeen map by Deven Rue with our coins. (Available as a poster from RueInk.com)

campaign image 16
Thanks for checking out our coins! You can see more at our website.

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