Frequently Asked Questions

You make awesome games. You want them to be even better and have the community join in. We help you do just that!
Game On is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to what we love most: games!
It has been designed to make all the boring tasks easy and give you more time to actually create your game!

What is it?

Game On let's you concentrate on what matters most:

Creating the best game possible
and engaging with the gaming community...
We help with the rest!

What can it do for me?
  • It lets you forge your campaign page the way you want it to look (supporting HTML & CSS) with visually appealing pledge levels.
  • It lets you set up and update your stretch goals easily - our platform is designed for this!
  • It includes a real-time pledge manager that allows you to manage all your customer data, inventory, campaign setting, and statistics!
  • It lets you manage Add-Ons and Early Birds, set different shipping costs, limit pledge levels by time or quantity and much, much more.
  • It lets you detail your products visually on a separate presentation page.
  • It gives you plenty of space to engage with your fans through updates and comments. Game On attracts people that are just as passionnate as yourself.
  • It lets you sleep at night! Thanks to our automated system that unlocks Stretch Goals, Updates, and Add-Ons for you!
  • It lets you access, manage, update, and export your backer data the way you need it.
  • Game On can even be your fulfillment partner!
  • NPC support! Our team is here to live the adventure with you! We are all avid gamers ourselves and we know what it takes to crowdfund your RPG.

How much does it cost?

We charges 5% of all funds collected on Game On (excluding shipping). This does not cover transaction fees which will depend on the secured payment provider of your choice.

For Late Pledge campaigns and pledge management we charge 2% on amounts imported and 5% on any additional funds added through Game On (excluding shipping). Get in touch with us if you would like to get a custom quote!

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